Monday, 1 August 2016

Event: Cocktails at The Colmore Club

I never thought I would set foot in a private members club. I was aware that the Colmore Club existed, in the basement of a beautiful 1870s building on Colmore Row. It's quite a new venture and something Birmingham didn't really have before. I had wondered what it was like inside.

However, primary school teachers don't tend to be members of private clubs. So when an opportunity arose for bloggers to try out their cocktails, of course I volunteered!

Unfortunately we weren't able to take photos of the place itself. I entered through a side entrance I've walked past a million times and never noticed. You walk down the corridor to find a private dining/meeting room, a bar and a study, which can also be hired out for private events. They also have their own themed evenings.

I think it depends on the kind of person you are as to whether you would fork out to be part of a private members club. A lot of it is about the contacts and the sort of people who are there. This just isn't relevant to me. I can certainly comment on the cocktails though!

We tried four different cocktails, all twists on classics. They care a lot about the spirits and ingredients they use.

First up, a fruity Bramble.

Probably the most popular drink amongst my fellow bloggers was the Sangria, served short and containing amaretto. I liked this, but found it a little sweet and would have preferred it in a long glass with plenty of ice.

My favourite drink of the evening was a mix between a Champagne Cocktail and an Aperol Spritz.

A sugar cube was soaked with rose bitters and popped into a flute.

Cherry Marnier and Aperol were added and topped with prosecco.

I'll definitely be trying this one at home!

Finally a Mai Tai. I loved the dramatics that went into the appearance of each cocktail.

The cocktails I tried were all on the sweet side and they made it clear that they will sweeten drinks to a customer's taste. This isn't really a style of bartending I care for- I want the expert behind the bar (and our host certainly knew about cocktails) to tell me how my drink should be. However I can see that other people like that kind of thing, especially the sort of person who is paying to be a member of a private club.

Over all I was impressed by the thought going into drinks, service and events at The Colmore Club, but this style of place just isn't for me.

The Colmore Club, Colmore Row, Birmingham

Photos by me

Drinks were complimentary.

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Kezzie said...

I'm not sure how I'd feel about a private members club either (although if one lived in a dodgy area, I could see the appeal!) but the cocktails looked fun!