Friday, 8 July 2016

June in Food

Foodie bits and bobs I didn't have time to write about in June.

Treating myself

Edd was away for a stag do in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago. We aren't often apart for the weekend, but when we are I like to make the most of having the flat to myself! I'm very comfortable being in my own company (only child) but I rarely am, so a weekend alone was a nice little recharge for me. Not to say I didn't miss Edd of course, but I did enjoy pottering around making myself delicious things to eat.

Whenever Edd is out or away I always buy myself the kinds of food I really like to eat. So, I made myself a beautiful Caprese salad, with additional parma ham, because I'm fancy. I even went for buffalo mozzarella rather than standard. Some people don't like this version, finding it a bit watery but that's what I like about it. I was hoping for better tomatoes but Tesco in the city centre didn't have a great selection.

For breakfast I had smoked salmon and a poached egg with some toast. A bit like Eggs Royale but without the hollandaise. I often go for Eggs Royale in a restaurant, just for the salmon and the egg. The sauce is the least interesting bit for me. So this was kind of my perfect breakfast.

I'm easily pleased, what can I say.

Bol Salad Jars

I'm always on the look out for work lunch options. So when I saw these Bol jars on offer at Ocado, I gave them a go. They are basically like the salad jars you see on pinterest, with lots of vegetables and a pot of salad dressing which you add in and then shake.

I loved the colourful, crunchy veg and that the packaging could be reused.

Too expensive (£4) for me to buy on a regular basis though.


I didn't get many photos of cooking last month- maybe I didn't do a lot? One of my favourite recipes was for crispy honey tacos. I love tacos so much, and while nothing beats street food tacos, I've been enjoying trying out various recipes. This one was from Cooking and Beer and I found it via Pinterest.

Speaking of tacos, can anyone tell me where I can get proper taco shells?


I had two yummy tapas treats last month. First, I went to a Yelp event at Amantia where we tucked into a feast of calamari, padron peppers, croquettes, stuffed peppers and more.

Then there was a Birmingham Bloggers meet up at El Borracho Del Oro. Ting of The Ting Thing did a little talk about the relationships between bloggers and PRs. And there was also a fabulous buffet.

Cafe Rouge

I went for dinner with my friends in Solihull a few weeks ago. Solihull isn't exactly an independents haven so we used a voucher code at Cafe Rouge. I chose a bistro salad with grilled chicken. This was full of salad and fruit, with plenty of chicken. I was impressed by the little sweet pepper bites.

After a healthy main I went for a salted caramel parfait for pudding. This was indulgent and lovely. An enjoyable meal with friends.


Loki is a wine shop in Great Western Arcade. But it isn't just a wine shop. It has a very clever wine 'vending machine' type system where you can get little samples of wine.

There's a lovely sitting area and you can order cheese, bread, meats and olives. Edd and I and our friend James met for wine, meat and cheese and it was fab.

Food paid for by me except for the Yelp event.

Photos taken on my phone. 

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Kezzie said...

Oooh, so much tastiness! We went for lunch at the Blue Egg in Braintree today which was so nice!!!!