Sunday, 24 July 2016

Event: Sunday lunch at Chung Ying Central

It was the Colmore Food Festival a couple of weeks ago (post coming soon). This year, there were a variety of 'fringe' events in the lead-up, including Sunday lunch with a difference at Chung Ying Central.

Chung Ying Central is a Cantonese restaurant, part of the Chung Ying group and found on Colmore Row. Our tickets were £17.50 and included a drink, piles of food, dessert and jasmine tea.

For my drink, I chose a Shanghai Rose, made with lychee, rose and egg white. This was followed by plates and plates of dim sum, including deep fried king prawn parcels, Vietnamese spring rolls, my favourite prawn and pork shiu mai and prawn dumplings. Lots of prawns basically and I do love a prawn.

What's that on the side? Oh yeah, it's stuffed, fried intestines. Sounds disgusting, actually rich, salty and delicious.

Char Shiu steamed buns were filled with sweet, hot pork.

At this point I was already filling up. We were thankful for the gap between the dim sum and the main course! After our free drink, we took the opportunity to try a few more cocktails from the menu.

The Sapphire Rose was a prosecco based drink, with gin, lemon juice and rose syrup.

There are classic cocktails at Chung Ying Central, but the ones with a Chinese twist are the most fun. Think lychee, rose, lime and so on.

Drinks break over, we were presented with a plate of Chinese roast meats- piglet, duck and pork belly. Look at that crispy skin. The meat was tender, juicy and flavoursome. 

Alongside the meat were plates of pak choi, oyster mushrooms, sticky rice and noodles.

I filled up my bowl with noodles and plenty of pak choi. It was so delicious but I was really full and couldn't finish. I made sure I got my fair share of the meat though!

Jasmine tea was a welcome sight.

We then received a beautiful little white dome, a sweet steamed bun, filled with liquid gold.

This vibrant filling is in fact made with egg. It is sweet and reminded me of the taste of sponge cake, while having a grainy liquid texture. It was just perfect to finish the meal.

We tried a great range of food that afternoon and it has made me want to go back! Lots of the food we tried is now on the summer menu, including the sticky rice. Even if you don't go for an event, it's worth going along to Chung Ying Central for dim sum, cocktails and to try some bits off the summer menu! I've heard good things about the pork belly bao...

Chung Ying Central, Colmore Row

Food and drinks paid for ourselves.

Photos by myself and Edd. 

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