Saturday, 16 July 2016

Event: Goral Vodka Master Launch

Vodka is going through an exciting moment. Gin has been fashionable for some time and now vodka is having a bit of a resurgence. Not just a boring, flavourless base spirit, there are some very interesting vodkas appearing. I've written about Reyka and Snow Queen, plus a variety at Rose Villa Tavern, who are very proud of their vodka selection.

I'm about to finish work for the summer. It only seems like a moment ago that it was May half term and I was desperately writing reports. On one of those evenings I had a break by going along to the the launch of a Slovakian vodka at The Edgbaston.

I hadn't heard of Goral Vodka Master before but I've been to The Edgbaston for afternoon tea. That's one special place and I felt sure that any event held there had to be good.

We were downstairs in an amazing, low-ceiling room, all decorated in black and gold. 1920's through a modern lens.

We were handed a vodka and tonic with a squeeze of lime. A refreshing drink to start the evening, but one which didn't tell me much about the vodka. I was looking forward to trying it both neat and in a martini.

So, a bit about the vodka. Goral Vodka Master is from Slovakia.Durum wheat is distilled with water from the Tatra mountains, a 640 year old technique from the city of Stara Lubovna. What I love about the new vodkas that are coming out is that you can really taste the purity.

We had quite an evening of drinks ahead of us, but luckily there were a few canapes to fill us up.

The drink I was excited about was Lightening over the Tartars, with many dramatic sounding ingredients such as sauerkraut-absinthe tincture. It was a twist on a Gibson martini, which features a pickled onion. It was a beautiful, slightly sweet, slightly sour drink and the onion doesn't affect the taste. It is delicious to eat afterwards though. This may sound a bit of a scary drink but if you've tried pickles and vodka, it's a very similar experience.

I also had a straightforward vodka martini made with Goral. It's an excellent vodka for a martini. Neat, it was pure and crisp. Definitely a vodka I would try again.

We also tried the Gentle Revolution, a pepper and raspberry long drink, which my table weren't sure we would like. It was refreshing, as you would expect, but with that surprising savoury note from the pepper.

I was hugely impressed by Goral Vodka Master and by what the team at The Edgbaston did with it.

Goral Vodka Master
The Edgbaston

I was invited to the launch of the vodka, where drinks and canapes were complimentary.

Photos by Edd and myself.

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