Thursday, 28 July 2016

Event: Birmingham Caribbean Festival

This weekend sees Birmingham Caribbean Festival return to Centenary Square. From Friday 29th- Sunday 31st July, you will be able to sample the best in Caribbean food, drink and culture. The festival was set up in 2011 to showcase Caribbean cuisine to other communities in the region. This year, the festival have launched an App (available on the Apple and Android stores) which they are hoping will continue the aims of the festival across the year.

I went along to the launch of said app, where I was also treated to plenty of delicious samples of Caribbean food and drinks. It was held at Le Monde, a splendid seafood restaurant in Brindley Place. We tried some fantastic Caribbean-inspired seafood, including Jerk Prawns, fishcakes and monkfish.

It actually took place on the EU referendum day so I'd had the day off work, which was nice.

After a poetry reading, Chef Lorenzo of Wildmoor Oak, gave us a demonstration of Caribbean cookery. His restaurant near Bromsgrove aims to serve the best in British and Caribbean food in a modern and stylish way.

He showed us how to make traditional dish Salt Fish and Ackee and then asked for a volunteer.

Naturally I found myself going up to help cook the dish!

Plenty of spice and flavour went in and it smelled absolutely delicious.

The salt fish and ackee was served on a buttery bammy cake. I would have liked a little more salt fish on ackee on there to be honest, as it was so delicious.

Next up, jerk chicken skewers, with a lovely garlic crouton on the end.

We also loved the Halloumi and Callaloo bites, served on a water cracker.

And finally, a mango Eton Mess! Exactly my sort of dessert- tangy from the fruit, plus sweet meringue and cream.

Sabrina of Kitchen Thyme also cooked us some Creole/ Trinidad food. I wasn't familiar with Trinidad food or culture really so it was very exciting to try. I especially loved the little prawn curry.

So, check out the website, download the app and head down to Centenary Square this weekend to sample some Caribbean delights!

Caribbean Food Festival, Centenary Square, 29th-31st July

Photos by myself and Edd
This event was complimentary. 

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