Sunday, 10 July 2016

A day in the life: My birthday!

My 29th birthday was two months ago now and I've been hoarding these photos ever since. I was delighted that my birthday landed on a Sunday and spent a very lovely weekend eating, drinking, dancing and making chocolate... I've already written about my meal at Two Cats on the Saturday and now here's what I got up to on my actual birthday. 


I wanted to start with a fancy breakfast of my favourite things- eggs, smoked salmon, strawberries and yoghurt with a little glass of fizz. We even sat on the balcony because the weather was gorgeous- better than it is now in July.


Present opening! Edd got me a very lovely tea pot which you may have seen in coffee shops such as Faculty. He did his research and it's not just pretty, it's also very good, with minimal leaf leakage.

I'd asked for a spiralizer because I like to be two years behind everyone else apparently. I've used it a few times and have been working through the recipes in the book Edd got to go with it.

I had also asked for my favourite perfume (Clinique Elixir) which I have been wearing for about ten years now! Almost every birthday or Christmas I ask for this because I never get bored of it.

Edd also surprised me with a Tom Ford lipstick in Cherry Lush, a lovely vibrant red. It's a beautiful lipstick, which feels creamy and comfortable to wear. I'm not a beauty blogger but I do like my red lipstick. Which shows I'm not a beauty blogger as they all seem to be wearing 90's browns.


We had plans in the afternoon but we needed to eat first. Deliveroo it was. As it was warm weather, we wanted something light and fresh. We went for Pho, a Viatnamese place in Grand Central. Food was well packaged, in tubs we could eat directly from.

My order was Tiger Prawn Bun, which is a noodle and vegetable dish, topped with peanuts and crispy shallots. I loved the freshness from the herbs and veggies and the prawns were generous and succulent. The chilli sauce was pleasant but not very hot. I would have liked more chilli heat but I don't know if that's how Vietnamese food is?

We also shared Prawn Goi Cuon, which are rice paper summer rolls, filled with herbs, vermicelli and more of those crunchy prawns.

Edd had Beef Pho Xao which isn't soupy like Pho. It wasn't dissimilar to mine, but with flat noodles and less fresh veg and herbs.

This was a lovely, light summer lunch option and I'd definitely try more from the menu. I've got my eye on the salads.


We headed over to Harborne for a chocolate masterclass with Kneals Chocolates. This was held at The Plough, in their 'next door' space. We'd booked tickets for about a tenner each, which included chocolate samples, a truffle making session and a glass of prosecco on arrival.

Kneals chocolates are my favourites and I always buy them up when I see them at food fairs or farmers markets. The salted caramel truffles are a thing of beauty.

Today though, we were making traditional rolled truffles, made by shaping ganache and coating in chocolate or flavoured powders.

There was a big group of us stood around the table with our aprons on, working hard to make delicious truffles.

Once they were shaped, it was time to coat them.

I made a mixture and packaged them up. A very lovely way to spend my birthday afternoon.

After the workshop, Edd and I headed back into town to meet my parents for a birthday/anniversary (theirs) meal at Amantia, which was relaxed and perfect.

I keep meaning to do more 'day in the life' posts from a foodie perspective. My days very much revolve around food so it is appropriate, even if it is a little 'lifestylely'. A bit of a different post for me and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Photos by me.

Everything was paid for by myself or Edd. Well it was my birthday afterall. 


Kezzie said...

What an Amazing birthday!!!! You did so much and the food sounds fab!!! I love Vietnamese food like that bit yes, I prefer it hot!

Natasha said...

Looks like you had a lovely birthday Helen! Your birthday breakfast looked lovely and the shot of the strawberries on the side of the champagne flutes just sums up a good birthday doesn't it? Glad you had a good day! - Tasha

Sofia said...

Hello there! Beautiful photos, it seems that you had a great special birthday!! All the best in your life!! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Kisses from Leicester xoxo