Saturday, 11 June 2016

Review: El Borracho de Oro

Yesterday I spent a very pleasant evening at El Borracho De Oro, a tapas restaurant in Edgbaston. This week has been the first week of the last half term of the year, which is one of my busiest and most stressful times. You may think that this is when things start to wind down but this week I've had a class assembly, finished my reports, year six are practising their performance right outside my room and we've all got final observations looming over our heads. All this a point when everyone is knackered, especially the children. Less than six weeks to go though.

Anyway, I really wanted a nice, relaxed Friday evening with some wine, some good food and chat with Edward. El Borracho de Oro are celebrating World Tapas Day next Thursday so it was a good opportunity for us to revist some of our favourite tapas dishes and experience some new ones too.

El Borracho de Oro is just five minutes walk from Five Ways, literally just behind the Morrisons there. Considering it's next to the back of a supermarket, in not the prettiest building in Edgbaston, they have done a fantastic job of making it look inviting, with a hedge to block out the road and the supermarket.

Inside is larger than expected with all the design features you would expect of a tapas restaurant- think tiles and terracotta. With the warm weather, it felt a bit like Spain.

Tap water and white wine ordered, we browsed the menu. The wine was fresh and crisp and not over powering.

The menu is split into breads, cheese, cured meats, meat, fish, veggie, eggs and specials. As always with tapas, it is advisable to have two to three dishes per guest and we had some bread too. I chose the standard bread with olive oil. The oil was extra virgin olive oil and had a lovely scent and taste which remained with me even after the meal.

From the specials, we chose the pig trotter with rhubarb and spinach. I'd never tried pig trotter before and expected it to be quite tough, but had been deboned and slow cooked. It was very soft and rich. I'd compare the texture to something like bone marrow. The spinach and rhubarb kept things light.

Edd loves potato croquettes so we almost always order them. These had a crispy coating, filled with creamy potato and ham. Some of Edd's favourite croquettes.

It's the end of the asparagus season but I had to go for it when I saw it on the menu. Served with sweet roasted garlic and romesco sauce, this was a fresh and light dish.

Octopus has become one of our go-to tapas dishes too. This was generously sliced, with the juicy, fruity flavour I'd expect, served with plenty of sautéed potato and paprika.

I love stuffed peppers and manchego cheese but I haven't had them quite like this. A roasted piquillo pepper was stuffed with spinach and a mushroom paste then topped with manchego. The pepper was soft and sweet and the mushroom added enough savoury notes.

Finally, my favourite king prawns in white wine and chilli sauce. Crunchy, juicy king prawns were served in a delicious sauce that was not shy with the chilli. I hate when you're promised chilli sauce with your prawns and it's just insipid. Needless to say, we were mopping up the sauce with what was left of the bread.

We'd tried to make vaguely healthy or light choices, excluding the trotter, so we weren't too stuffed and glady accepted the offer of the dessert menu.

Edd loves almond cake since trying it at Amantia. This one was light, moist and fragrant, served with vanilla ice cream and fruit compote.

I chose my favourite crema catalana- essentially a Spanish creme brulee. This one had the most fantastic layer of caramalised sugar on top, giving way to creamy baked custard with tonka beans.

I left feeling satisfied but not unhealthy, which can sometimes happen with tapas. There was so much more on the menu I wanted to try- I haven't even touched the cheese or egg dishes. And at only five minutes walk from Five Ways, it's pretty certain I'll be back.

El Borracho De Oro have a variety of offers on, including 3 for 2 on Sundays plus 20% off food with an Independent Birmingham card. They also have regular events on, including a special meal for World Tapas Day which is now sold out. See the website and check the place out for yourself.

El Borracho de Oro, Harborne Road, Edgbaston

Photos by Edd and myself.

Food and drink was complimentary for review purposes.

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Ellie said...

This review has definitely made my mind up, I need to check this place out the pigs trotter and octopus are on my must try list!!!