Tuesday, 7 June 2016

New: Summer menu at Revolution

You may remember my trip to Revolution last summer and being pleasantly surprised. Revolution have recently launched a new menu and stuck to a similar style of food- burgers and other American classics. The sort of food you want to eat when you've had a few cocktails!

We started with a couple of drinks. Although Revolution are known for vodka shots they have all the expected spirits on their cocktail menu, mainly focusing on what I call 'fun' cocktails. Edd's Rum Ting sweetly turned up in a Ting can! I went for a long and refreshing Gin and Juice which was 241 so I ended up with two! They aren't serious cocktails but they aren't pretending to be.

It's a surprisingly pleasant place to hang out for a while, with cosy booths and cushions.

We both went for burgers, served on an appealing sounding pretzel bun. Edd went for a Frazzle Roq with frazzles, bacon and blue cheese.

Mine was maple fried chicken with a sweetcorn fritter which was a bit undercooked. I didn't get much maple syrup. I did like the slaw but would have liked more of it. Weirdly enough I absolutely loved the slight smoky house ketchup.

On my quest to find a decent sundae I went for the chocoberry sundae. Unfortunately, Revolution is another place that has faffed around with a classic too much. The ice cream had pretty much melted so I was left with a bit of a sloppy mess, topped with creme fraiche. Creme fraiche!

I haven't been particularly positive about Revolution which is a shame as I really enjoyed the sharer I had last time. I'd definitely go for that again, as a quick dinner before the cinema or to snack on with drinks. I feel that Revolution should stick to doing a few things well.

I should point out that the service was lovely throughout. She explained lots of things about the menu and pointed out offers. They definitely seem to assume that their customers know nothing about alcohol as she explained to me that Beefeater is a premium gin and that elderflower liqueur is 'very unusual'. *Rolls eyes* I've got a 40 St Pauls Ginspotters card kids. But I don't think she was trying to be patronising, I think that's just their customer base and that's what they train the staff to say.

Revolution, Broad Street, Birmingham

Photos by me and Edd.

Food and drinks were complimentary. 

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