Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May in Food

Foodie bits and bobs I didn't blog about in May!

Burgers at Purecraft Bar

After the Faith in Birmingham morning at BMAG, Edd and I headed to Purecraft Bar for some insanely good burgers. I had intended to be good and have something small but then I saw the special- a burger with spicy kimchi. I had to have it. It was such a treat. If you haven't been to Purecraft then you really need to try it!

Sticky, melty goodness and the chips are good too.

Random gift from Dad

My Dad picks up all sorts of random things for me on his travels. A recent favourite was a variety of airline snack packs which he got from the market.They had crackers, cream cheese, dip and tic tacs inside and were really fun to have at work if I knew I was having a big meal. Thanks Dad!

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Edd and I stayed at the Malmaisson early in May thanks to Yelp Birmingham and we went to nearby GBK for dinner. It's amazing how used I've got to proper street food burgers. This was nice enough but it didn't hit the spot like the Purecraft one did or like OPM. Saying that, their current special, the Frenchie (with Reblochon cheese and bacon jam) looks pretty top notch.

The Stable

For my birthday, I wanted a nice relaxed time with no stress, so I chose to go to The Stable with my friends. It's a great crowd pleaser with something for everyone, not too expensive, a chilled out atmosphere, live music and lots and lots of cider. I picked a Hawaiian which had the super crispy base I've come to expect from The Stable. I also had a cider tasting board which is the most fun ever.

For more info and better photos, take a look at my post about The Stable.


A week later, one of my friends came into town to give me my birthday present. We were at the Bullring and wanted something light. Eat used to be my favourite place for lunch when the Bullring first opened over a decade ago but I haven't been for some time.

I chose a Hoi Sin Duck Gyoza Broth Pot, which was filled up with hot water and chilli at the counter. It had two or three duck gyozas in there and lots of veggies, rather than just bulking up on noodles. It was delightfully fresh and light but I would have liked a little more chilli.

To finish I had coconut water jelly with fruit. I was pleased with my light lunch at Eat, I left feeling satisfied but not stuffed.


I've been experimenting with what I want for breakfast this month, particularly trying to use breakfast to add more fruit into my diet. Overnight oats have been a success as has yoghurt with fruit. I eat early in the week so it's important that whatever I have for breakfast is filling and gets me through two and a half hours of teaching. Both of these breakfasts have the thumbs up.


Edd got me a spiraliser for my birthday and I've been having a wild time spiralising anything I can. Most successful has been the courgette ribbons, which I served in a chicken and quinoa salad. Next step is courgetti spaghetti of course.


Linda said...

Wonderful post, Helen! The food in your photos looks succulent. And how nice that your dad gives you random gifts! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

MissPond said...

Mmmm this post has made me incredibly hungry! I have Purecraft high on my list of places to visit and you've pished it to the top :)

Kezzie said...

Happy Birthday!!! You've had some nice things! I'd like to try the Spiraliser! I had a GOOD lamb fillet burger in France last night that made me think of you. It was sooo tasty!!!