Sunday, 19 June 2016

Event: Island Bar with Brumderland

The final Brumderland event took place at Island Bar. Island Bar was the first Bitters and Twisted venue to open and one I have been to on many an occasion. Upstairs is a tiki bar and downstairs is more of an 80's vibe.

Our event was taking place in the tiki bar. We were greeted with a banana colada which was a twist on a pina colada made with fresh banana. I don't usually like pina coladas but the banana made it much fresher.

They've really gone for the fun tiki theme- everywhere you look there are lots of little touches.

 There were a few activities set up, including cocktail making at the bar.

We were shown how to make a classic Rum Runner, Made with rum, blackcurrant and banana liqueurs and orange juice, this drink was shaken then strained over ice.

Shaking cocktails is always good fun.

Here's me with Emily of Good Girl Gone Brum shaking up a storm.

Next, it was time to try layering a shot. I've done this before with a spoon (you pour the spirits carefully and they layer) but Island Bar showed how you can do it without a spoon as long as you have the correct amounts of each spirit. We made a B52 which is Baileys, Kahlua and sugar syrup.

I was so proud of my layered shot! It was kahlua, followed by sugar syrup followed by baileys- it had to be this way or it wouldn't work.

Next we made a Flaming Mo, which is an extremely sweet concoction set on fire.

Using the blow torch was amazing fun if a little terrifying.

I've always loved Island Bar so it was great to have a go at making my own drinks. It's a great place to dance and drink on a Saturday evening but it's also great to hang out there mid-week when it's a little more chilled out.

Thanks to the two Vickys for arranging all these fantastic events at the Bitters and Twisted venues. I have now visited all of them and have discovered some new favourites.

Island Bar, Suffolk Street, Birmingham

Photos by myself and Edd.

Drinks were complimentary, 

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Kezzie said...

Scary with the flames but wow, what an effect!