Thursday, 12 May 2016

Review: Bodega

Bodega has been in Birmingham over five years now and has been packed out pretty much ever since. It's part of the Bitters 'n' Twisted group so you know the cocktails are going to be good and that it's going to have a great atmosphere.

I attended a tequila night there with Brumderland last October and was completely won over to tequila.

So when Edd and I were looking for a bite to eat late one evening, we decided to re-visit the food at Bodega.

I love tacos at the moment- they're less fussy than fajitas and lighter than a burrito. I chose the shredded chicken (£5.25), which arrived topped with red cabbage.

I loved the smokey chicken flavour and the cabbage  and red onion added the crunch I want from a taco. But I would have liked a bit of sourness or sharpness from chillis or pickles. Looking through the menu now I think I will go for the fish with spicy slaw and pico de gallo next time.

Edd loved his pork burrito (£10.25 with sweet potato fries). It had plenty of oozy cheese, beans, a crunchy casing and flavoursome meat.

I had to get the sweet potato fries (£3.75) too because they are gooood.

We also decided to try one of their tequila sample boards. We chose the Olmeco board at £11 for four shots- two blanco and two resposado (golden). Two were the house and two were premium. This wasn't for shooting- it was really interesting to try the four together. The premium spirits were definitely smoother.

I also had a Margarita (£6.00). I love the way they had only salted half the rim as sometimes the salt turns my stomach. Definitely the salt not the booze. This was sharp and bitter and delicious.

Bodega is at its best when you go in for drinks and unfussy, tasty street style food. While the tacos aren't the best I've ever had, the meat was tender, juicy and tasty and the sweet potato fries are delicious. I haven't mentioned the nachos in this post but you should definitely try them. Plus everything is pretty reasonably priced. It's a fun, casual way to spend some time with friends, cocktails and tasty food.

Bodega, Bennett's Hill, Birmingham

Photos by me.

Food paid for myself and they did not know I was reviewing. 


MissPond said...

Oooh I like Bodega, there's one in Worcester where my parents live! The cocktails are always wonderful :)

FrannyMac said...

The food looks incredible!
I rarely get to visit Birmingham, but making a note of here for next time I do!
♥ Fran - xx

Kezzie said...

The food certainly looks tasty! I'm a real fan of Sweet potato anything!