Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Foodie news: Spam Can at Foodies Festival

Foodies Festival is just over a week away now and more information on shows and vendors is starting to creep through.

One of the brands appearing at the festival is SPAM- yes, SPAM! The chopped pork and ham in a can is celebrating its 75th birthday this year by touring the country and showing what 'Spam can' do (see what they did there?)

Look out for the shiny van where chefs will be demonstrating recipes including 'spambled eggs' and fajitas. You can also try Spam fries, which sound insane and I want them, and pick up a recipe lanyard.

Foodie experts Rob Kennedy, Clover Hutson and Richard Fox will be there over the weekend, demonstrating the recipes and giving advice.

I'm certainly very interested to see what Spam can be like as I've never cooked with it.

Foodies Festival is at Cannon Hill Park 3rd-5th June and the SPAM Can Tour will be there the whole time.

Find out more about the SPAM Can tour.

Foodies Festival Birmingham

I received tickets to the festival in return for this post.

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