Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Brumderland presents: Marmalade

Drinking, schmoozing, nibbles, photos. Just a normal Monday evening. It was time for another Brumderland x Bitters'n'Twisted event.

This time we were at Marmalade, the theatre restaurant at Birmingham REP. They have really revitalised the restaurant space, adding in the usual Bitters 'n' Twisted touches (cocktails, funky lights, good music) with some nods to the theatre such as quotes painted on the walls.

I've been a few times, for lunch, cocktails and breakfast and have enjoyed each time. I haven't delved too deep into the cocktail or food menu so I was looking forward to hearing more about their 'flexitarian' menu.

(Read my review of lunch at Marmalade.)

We settled down with our welcome drink, containing vermouth and blackberry. I love vermouth so I was excited to hear that Marmalade had chosen it as their signature spirit. This was a long and refreshing drink but with a lovely bitter edge.

We were served a few samples of food from the menu alongside a matching cocktail. They hope people will try pairing cocktails with food as they would with wine. I'm right behind this idea. Waiting staff will be able to recommend an appropriate drink but I personally think it would be nice if there were some suggestions on the menu too.

Captain Ahab's Grog (£6.50) was a rum, ginger and apricot liqueur based short drink, paired with beef skewers- generous chunks of tender beef with pepper and courgette. Neither of these items are what I would usually order but I certainly enjoyed them.

The next drink was my favourite- La Vie en Rose (£6.50). A heady, floral short drink of gin, creme de cassis, dry white wine and peach bitters. This was paired with sesame coated halloumi. This dish disappeared rather quickly and was an intriguing combo with the cocktail.

Our next cocktail was an 'as yet unnamed tequila drink' which was grapefruit and tequila (duh) based. This was paired with splendid tequila marinaded salmon. As always, you couldn't exactly taste tequila in the salmon but it enhanced the flavour of the fish.

The final taster was a lot of people's surprise favourite. Mushroom and hazelnut paste was topped with a chilli jam which had a fantastic kick to it. Marmalade want to have a variety of options for vegetarians, rather than just one boring pasta. The mushroom paste certainly wasn't boring!

It was served with a Midsummer Day Dream (£6.50) which was Aperol, limoncello, rose and lemon bitters and raspberry. This was also a very 'me' drink and would be lovely sat outside on a sunny day before the theatre.

The atmosphere is lovely and it's quite exciting being next to the theatre. If you were eating there before the theatre or a show at the ICC, you'd be very happy, particularly if you're a cocktail lover! How often can you get decent cocktails before a show?!

Marmalade, The REP, Centenary Square, Birmingham

Photos by me.

Food and drink were complimentary in return for a blog post.

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Emily said...

I never knew Marmalade were keen on veggie options, I'm definitely going to have to try it now! Also love the idea of pairing cocktails with food, though you're right I think menu suggestions would be helpful as I've often had a cocktail with my meal and got it so wrong before!