Saturday, 7 May 2016

April in Food

Foodie bits and bobs I didn't write about this month and phone photos!

Bottomless Brunch at Gas Street Social

I've written about brunch at Gas Street Social before but this time I was back to do it properly with unlimited Bellinis for £15. I chose a Full English to soak up the booze and set about drinking all the Bellinis I could for two hours. It was such a fun way to start the day and I highly recommend it.

Craft beer tasting at BrewDog

Yelp Birmingham had arranged a casual evening of beer tasting at BrewDog on John Bright Street. We were given samples of a variety of beers to try, from gluten free beer, to low alcohol beer to beer that tasted like coffee. It was really interesting and cemented my idea that I like IPA the best.

We also ordered food while we were there- Edd and I shared some chips, which don't look much but had a lovely seasoning on them. I also recommend the hot wings.

Two Cats Kitchen

I'm not going to say much about this one as I will be doing a full review soon. This was another Yelp event in which we had a three course lunch at the beautiful Two Cats restaurant. The food is described as 'New Baltic' and I'll be letting you know more soon. Let's just say it's exciting and innovative.


You know how I love Amantia, the city centre Spanish restaurant. Edd and I popped in for a spur of the moment lunch. We were only going to have mains but decided to share the seared tuna as well. The tuna is sweet and cuts like butter.

For my main I had perfectly cooked crispy skin duck with butternut squash and an orange sauce. It was delicious but if you talk to Edd he will be raving about his Iberian pork shoulder, which we thought was like a sweeter and more interesting steak.


I'm still loving my Simply Cook boxes, especially when I get to try cooking things I haven't had before such as Kedgeree.

I've also been making the most of the spring ingredients like Jersey Royals and asparagus.

Sandwich gate

Big news- one day last month I accidentally picked Edd's sandwich out of the fridge instead of mine. When I unwrapped it I found this.

What a bizarre sandwich! It wasn't even cut and it had massive amounts of blue cheese on it. I told you it was big news.


MissPond said...

Love these foodie round up style posts! You're making me very excited for my move to Birmingham, I've heard good things about the food scene, it seems to have change a lot (for the better) since I lived there as a teen so I am quite excited!

Kezzie said...

You always visit such exciting places! I look forward to that review- that soup looks amazing! AND those chips look nice!!!!