Sunday, 24 April 2016

New opening: Rofuto at Park Regis

Rofuto is the restaurant gracing the very top floor of new hotel Park Regis at Five Ways. The hotel itself is very slick and has really improved the look and feel of the area. There's lots of other developments happening around the roundabout too, it just needed Park Regis to kick things off.

Rofuto has its own entrance which is clearly signposted, making it easier for non-guests to visit. I went along to their opening cocktail party on Monday evening, looking forward to seeing the views and trying out what they have to offer.

We were taken up in the lift- it's always exciting to go up 16 floors! The place feels very sophisticated and modern. It does have the feel of a hotel restaurant, but that's not always a bad thing. I loved the light that the floor to ceiling windows allowed in.

Rofuto is a Japanese restaurant, serving sushi, grills and a variety of specials. The bar has some exciting Japanese-inspired cocktails, often using sake or Japanese whiskey.

I tried a couple of the cocktails- Ronin out of Time and a Lychee Martini. The former was made with Nikka whiskey, plum sake and bitters. It was stirred with ice and strained into the glass, then garnished with a glace cherry and lemon peel. I'm slowly but surely getting into whiskey through cocktails and this was a real grown up drink.

The Lychee Martini was quite the opposite- a very pretty drink but also very sweet. I like a fragrant cocktail but I think I'd enjoy just the one of these. Whereas I had a few of the Ronin out of Times! 

This was made with vodka, lychee juice, strawberry and lemon. 

We tried a variety of food from the menu in canape form. Most of the food that came round was fish or vegetarian and very light and tasty.

The haddock in champagne and miso broth was a favourite of the night.

Avocado and salmon California Rolls were soft and fresh and beautifully presented.

Another favourite was the miso aubergine.

Everything was beautifully presented, giving me high expectations for the food that will be served when the restaurant opens fully on Tuesday 26th April.

The desserts I tried were lovely- a passion fruit panna cotta and a matcha tiramisu. Of the two I think I liked the tiramisu the best- the green tea soaked sponge at the bottom worked perfectly. Very clever.

The restaurant is light, clean and modern. The open kitchen is spacious and not intrusive.

As well as the bar in the restaurant, you can also head through to Kurabu, the sky bar. This is an absolutely lovely space, with giant windows to watch the world through. The beautiful paintings on the walls were hand painted.

Apparently it's the perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Now, I can't let this post finish without mentioning the toilets. They have been much talked about- the urinals with a view of Birmingham.

I'll just confirm that I didn't pop into the gents- I had Edward with me.

What do you think- best loo view in Brum?

Rofuto promises to be an interesting, different and classy addition to Birmingham's restaurant scene. I certainly can't wait to head back for some food and then to the bar for a drink with a view.

Rofuto, Five Ways, Birmingham

Photos by myself and Edd.

I was invited to the cocktail party where I had complimentary cocktails and canapes. 

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Oooh Helen, it sounds really exciting! The little tasters looked divine!!x