Saturday, 16 April 2016

Event: Night and Day Markets at The Bond

This weekend saw the return of the seasonal markets to The Bond in Digbeth. The Bond is a lovely canalside indoor and outdoor venue a little walk out of the city centre. Today's seasonal market celebrated spring, with music, street food and various things for sale.

I didn't make it along but I did go to another event from the people behind the seasonal markets- the Night and Day Market a few weeks ago. The day market was similar to the seasonal ones I believe but I didn't attend as it was Mother's Day and I was on a canal ride with my mum! Edd and I had used an Independent Birmingham discount to buy our tickets and we headed along on the Saturday evening for the night version.

The tickets meant that it wasn't crazy busy so you didn't have to queue much to get your hands on the delicious food. Inside was a beer, cider and spirits bar plus a dance floor. The music (mainly funk and soul) was provided by a series of pretty big-time DJs. I'm not really up on my DJ knowledge but the music made for a fun, summery atmosphere.

There was so much food to choose from! Big street food names were there such as Low 'n' Slow and Buddha Belly amongst others.

We made the most of the small queues and headed to Low 'n' Slow. Edd had delicious slow cooked ribs and I had pig cheek tacos which were fantastic but I didn't get a good photo.

Never mind you will just have to look at the ribs.

We had a few drinks and a wander round, then decided to go in for round two. Baked in Brick bring along an old car with them. They have a crazy mini which has a woodfire oven and bbq built into it. Naturally the engine has been removed.

It could be gimmicky but the food is completely delicious.

The charred chicken tikka was folded up into a pillowy flatbread with salad and mint sauce. 

I had spotted the fishcakes on Buddha Belly's instagram so I was keen to get my hands on one. Fragrant and soft, with a fresh sauce, plus the noodles which I probably did't really need at this point.

We may have also shared the triple cheese poutine from Caribou Poutine.

Luckily, prosecco and cocktails were available to wash it all down.

And of course we could dance it all off.

I loved the way flowers had been dotted around with fairy lights in- it looked so pretty.

So we had a few more drinks, danced to the music, enjoyed the vibe and then headed home. A super evening!

Check out The Bond and Seasonal Markets for more events.

Photos by myself and Edd.

We paid for our tickets, food and drinks.

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Kezzie said...

It sounds and looks really buzzing and fun. The tikka skewers look so tasty and as I'm sitting in the car in the way to Manchester without having had any breakfast, they are making me ravenous!!!Xx