Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Review: Catalan tapas, Warwick

You may remember that I recently reviewed the Rose and Crown in Warwick (and was rather impressed). Warwick is only about 30 minutes on the train from Birmingham but I thought I may as well make a day of it.

Edd and I had decided to go to Warwick Castle as I'd never been and I bloody love a historical outing. That will be up on the blog soon! We'd intended to eat at the castle but when we arrived in the town we were struck by how many lovely independent bars, cafes and restaurants there were.

Never ones to miss a foodie opportunity, we decided to pop into Catalan. Catalan is a Spanish bar and restaurant in the centre of Warwick, just five minutes from the castle.

We walked in through the bar and down some steps into the restaurant. It's a lovely light and bright space, spread over a couple of rooms. It's got some Spanish touches such as pictures of Barcelona but they haven't gone over the top, forcing terracotta tiles into a Warwick building! It was pleasantly busy but we didn't feel cramped.

After being seated we were brought complimentary water and bread which is a great start. The bread was just a simple sliced baguette but paired with the balsamic vinegar and oil on the table, it made for a lovely starter.

I nearly went for cava but was swayed by the idea of Avalon Spanish cider, which was cool, refreshing and sharp.

The menu contained main meals, paellas and a wide array of tapas. We picked five tapas to share along with the bread. The tapas menu was conveniently split into meat, vegetarian, seafood and huevos rotos (potato and egg). Looking back at the menu now I'm wishing I'd gone for one of the eggy/potato dishes. I love eggs. At the time though, we didn't want to fill ourselves up too much before our evening meal.

Slow braised pork belly (£7.55) was served with salad and an apple puree. The pork had been rubbed with paprika salt and the fat was rendered perfectly. A little smokier than pork belly I've had before, which was complimented by the puree.

Tempura tiger prawns (£5.95) I usually go for shell-on prawns in garlic butter where possible so I thought I'd choose something different this time. The batter was a little thick but the prawns inside had a great crunch. This was served with chilli jam which doesn't look much but was sweet, sticky and tomatoey.

Patatas bravas (£4.35). I don't often pick these anymore but I'm glad I did on this occasion. Crispy little potato bites as you would expect, topped with the most lovely, fresh and lightly spiced tomato sauce.

Chicken thighs in garlic and paprika butter (£4.25) I cannot resist a chicken thigh. I often have them at home and just love the way they take in flavour and have such a great texture. Crispy chicken skin isn't healthy but it is delicious and I prefer it on a thigh to a breast. Thighs are also pretty cheap as you can see from the price of this dish. The boneless thighs had skin on and were gloriously smoky and gnarly. Yum.

Fig and halloumi salad (£7.25) I love a good salad, filled with lots of lovely bits and pieces and drizzled with balsamic glaze. This one had golden little nuggets of fried halloumi, crunchy sweet almonds and fresh figs on a bed of rocket.

We paid about £40 for our two ciders and tapas dishes though you could probably get it cheaper than that by picking the cheaper items off the menu. The chicken thighs were great so you won't be compromising on taste. Lots of the lovely looking veggie dishes were less than £5 such as garlic butter mushrooms.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Catalan if you are in Warwick. Five dishes was a lovely amount for a shared lunch.

Catlan, Jury Street, Warwick

Photos by myself and Edd.

All food paid for ourselves and they did not know I was reviewing.

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Kezzie said...

Those photos look amazing! Mmmm...
We went to the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle today and had a delicious lunch there- so good!
I took photos and thought of all your beautiful photos!x