Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Sundays at Gas Street Social

I've talked about Gas Street Social for brunch and cocktails before. Located by the canal at The Mailbox, it's also only ten minutes from where I live. So it's not too surprising that I'm in there quite a lot! Mainly for cocktails and brunch though so I thought it was time to check out the lunch.

On a Sunday, their social plates are £4 each. These are small plates designed for sharing- think scotch eggs, meatballs etc. They aren't as small as tapas so you could probably have one or two for yourself as a small dinner or lunch. Between two I would say you need four or five. Usually they are priced from £6.50-£8 so £4 is a pretty good bargain. Edd and I got a bit carried away and chose 6 to share.

You can see the lovely mushroom gnocchi we started with above. The gnocchi was soft and gooey, in a rich, buttery sauce. I could have had this on its on and been perfectly happy.

Tempura vegetables were great fun, I liked the addition of some tempura halloumi too!

I love the scotch eggs at Gas Street Social- the addition of the black pudding in the meat makes it peppery and rich. 

The meatballs were in a tasty rosemary and tomato sauce with some fantastic sourdough to dunk in.

The fish and chips was another dish which I could have easily eaten on its own as a small lunch. The chips were perfect with some lovely crunchy bits! The batter was crispy but not over done and the fish inside flaked beautifully. It also came with a little pot of pea puree.

Finally, I had to try the chicken wings again. Last time I'd loved the sauce but there was too little meat on the bones. Happily, these were much better- proper chicken wings, well cooked with a fantastic sweet BBQ sauce. Still not the best wings in Brum but perfectly good.

I enjoyed my afternoon at Gas Street Social. £4 a dish on a Sunday is such a great deal. You don't need to go over the top like me- one or two of these would be a lovely lunch. My highlights were the mushroom gnocchi and the fish and chips and I'll be going back to try them again.

Don't forget you get a free drink from a selection with your Independent Birmingham card when you buy a main meal or three social plates.

Food paid for myself.
Photos by Edd.

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Imogen said...

This looks like my sort of place... Good to hear you had an enjoyable time.