Saturday, 13 February 2016

A cocktail masterclass at Bar Opus

Cocktails! I feel like they're all I talk about these days. Like many people, when I like something I want to find out how to make it myself. So I've been on a fair few cocktail masterclasses at this point! I love learning about a spirit or a brand and you also find some top tips for making cocktails yourself at home.

The cocktails at Bar Opus are excellent so I was excited to try out their new masterclass. For £15 you get a masterclass including two drinks and some games!

I jpined a group of bloggers and some of Bar Opus' suppliers to see what it was all about. We were set up at tables in a circle, with ingredients and glasses in front of us. We had a 'ring of fire' game which involved turning over a card and completing some kind of task. Mine was to choose the first ingredient for a cocktail from the trolley. Over time, more ingredients were added and one 'lucky' lady got to give it a try at the end. It was a fun game and would be fun for a party at home.

As well as this there was a game of pass the parcel- the winner got a mini bottle of delicious Chase Marmalade vodka!

Onto the drinks. Our first was the Honey Bee which sounds delicious without even knowing what's in it.

We poured Jim Beam honey, vanilla syrup, and vanilla milk into a boston shaker and topped up with ice.

Pop the metal tin over the glass and give it a good shake. With this one, it's important to shake it well so you get a good thick foam on top- you'll see why.

There's a bit of a knack to getting the tin off the glass again- basically you have to hit it in the correct place. After several masterclasses I'm just about getting the hang of it!

We strained the cocktail into a martini glass. It smelled delicious!

We'd also been provided with honey and honeycomb to garnish. This is where the thick foam comes in- if there's no foam the garnish will just sink to the bottom.

Ta-dah! This was a real sweet treat and super easy to make yourself at home. I'll definitely be trying this.

Drink two featured a local brand Chase. I'm a big fan of their vodkas and gins so I was a little star struck when I realised the owner was at the masterclass!

We used their Elderflower Liqueur to make a very summery Elderflower Spritz. The liqueur was stirred with Elderflower Cordial and lemon juice and topped with Elderflower tonic. A cool and refreshing drink. I'm looking forward to trying this in the summer. I love that they showed us cocktails that are really easy to replicate and don't need a long list of ingredients. They also cater for dietary requirements and can do alcohol free drinks too.

The fun wasn't over yet as they also brought out their new afternoon tea for us to try.

From £15 per person (you can add an alcoholic drink for only a couple of pounds more). I was really impressed with the offerings. I love when the savoury selection isn't just sandwiches. There were also salmon blinis and pork pie with a wonderful piccalilli.

The scones and cakes were lovely if a little heavy- but maybe I'd eaten too much salmon. The battenburg was moist and light and I loved the little chocolate cookie sandwiches.

They also brought out some of their sharing cocktails, including a punch served in a barrel and 6 mini sours in egg shells!

These were great and so cute to drink from an egg shell.

I had a wonderful afternoon. The masterclass was fun and the afternoon tea was delicious. Bar Opus is next to Snow Hill station, so easy to get to.

Bar Opus, One Snow Hill

Photos by me.
The masterclass and afternoon tea were complimentary. 


Natasha said...

I love the mini sours served in egg shells - that's so cute! Looks like you had a lovely day Helen. - Tasha

MissPond said...

Oh my this looks DIVINE! That elderflower spritz would be wonderful with the afternoon tea. I am rather envious of this event ;)

MissPond said...

This looks DIVINE! The elderflower spritz would be wonderful with afternoon tea :) I am rather jealous of this event ;)