Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wing Wednesday: Chung Ying Central

I've mentioned my love of Chung Ying Central previously so they were going to show up on Wing Wednesday eventually. I had a Deliveroo from there a couple of months ago, choosing a variety of mine and Edd's favourite Dim Sum. I was also intrigued by the variety of wings they had- chilli and salt, Peking style or Thai style. Most of the wings featured on here have been American style so this would make an exciting change.

I ummed and ahhed before choosing Salt and Chilli wings.

They say: Salt and chilli chicken wings £8 for about five.

I say: £8 is a little more expensive than most places but Chung Ying Central is usually very cheap! I had these wings via Deliveroo and they had lost some of their crispiness although the kitchen had cleverly cut a hole in the plastic lid to let the steam escape.
The fresh chilli meant I could tailor the amount of heat each wing had. I chose to scrape most of the chilli off but still got a good hit of heat. The flavours were great and there was plenty of chicken but they just didn't travel that well.

I'll be having these again- in the restaurant!

Chung Ying Central, Colmore Row

Photo by me.
Food paid for myself.

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