Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wing Wednesday:

Wing Wednesday!

This week the wings are from Sunny's Soul Shack at The Sunflower Lounge. I went to a blogger evening there in the summer and they presented us with a giant pile of Sticky Bourbon wings. These would usually be £5 for about five wings.

They say: Sticky bourbon chicken wings served with cajun and lime mayo.

I say: These are smaller wings but make up for it with a fantastic taste. The bourbon sauce was tangy and spicy but not too hot. Although the wings were small there was still plenty of meat. The cajun mayo and lime wedge were nice extras but the wings worked alone too.

Would I order again? Yes I don't know why I haven't been back!

Photo by me.

Food was complimentary for review purposes 


Kezzie said...

Mmmmmm, they look SOO tasty!!!!

Natasha said...

Oh they sound so yummy! As soon as I saw the word Bourbon I knew they must have tasted amazing. - Tasha