Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wing Wednesday: Gas Street Social

It's time for the final Wing Wednesday of the year. I should probably steer clear of deep fried foods for a while but I've got plenty of back log to work through.

Today's wings are from Gas Street Social where Edd and I popped in for a Saturday lunch and cocktail a couple of months ago. I've become a big fan of Gas Street Social's brunches and cocktails but I haven't delved too much into their food offerings. Edd picked sticky roast chicken off the main menu which he loved. I couldn't resist chicken wings from the social plates menu and got some sweet potato fries too.

They say: Bourbon chicken wings £6.50 Bourbon glazed chicken wings with GSS hot sauce.

I say: The wings were glazed in the sweet bourbon sauce and the hot sauce was on the side. I was pleased the sauce was on the side as it meant I could add heat when I chose, by dipping the wings and chips in. The hot sauce was a spicy BBQ style and it was delicious- just the right level of heat. The glaze on the wings was sticky and sweet and really made the dish.

However, the wings themselves were way too small. Perhaps it was a bad batch and the chickens had not been fed that week?! Whatever it was, I've become used to much meatier wings than these. There was not much meat at all and that was a sad waste of such a beautiful glaze.

I love Gas Street Social so I will always head back there and I'd like to see if this was just a one off.

Gas Street Social, The Mailbox

Photo by me.

Food paid for by me.

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Kezzie said...

They definitely look a bit skinny!!!! But still tasty I'm sure! x