Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wing Wednesday: Flamin' Rooster at Foodies Festival

Part two of Wing Wednesday takes us back to May. I headed to Foodies Festival at Cannon Hill Park where I proceeded to stuff my face full of food and drinks all day.

The Flamin' Rooster set up was large and eye catching, with a giant charcoal grill. I think I'd been smelling it all day and I needed to try those wings. It was £5 for a box of about 5 large wings.

They say: Hot wings. Fresh off the coals.

I say: The wings were griddled over charcoal which gave them a glorious smoky taste. I wouldn't call them hot as in spicy, but they were sticky and charred perfectly. These were large, full wings too. Served in a sturdy cardboard box, this was a gorgeous treat to eat in the sunshine.

Would I order again? Totally and I've heard they are at the German Market too.

Photo by Edd.

Paid for myself.


Lunie chan said...

Looks delicious <3

Kezzie said...

Wings Wednesday is my FAVOURITE thing! Love this like I love Wings! One day girl, we are going to go and eat wings together somewhere! You are going to share all the best wing places with me!

Imogen said...

This must have been amazing, glad it was great.

Natasha said...

These look so yummy, I love wings - the flavours and combinations are endless! I am collecting a little list of all the best places to go now as well thanks to your posts Helen! - Tasha