Sunday, 6 December 2015

Event: The FINAL UK Burger Battle


Over the past year, I've attended four out of five UK Burger Battle events in Birmingham. I've tried a great deal of fantastic burgers and had a whale of a time at all of them. The fourth and final (for now) was held in October and I can't believe I'm only just blogging about it!

As usual, the event took over Spotlight in Digbeth and featured two burger teams battling it out to win the crown. There was also music from live DJs, cocktails and a burger eating competition. Edd and I had never stayed to the end before but we were determined to this time.

Our first burger was from returning champions The Beefy Boys. They won the first Burger Battle a year ago and also came 2nd at an international competition in Las Vegas. 

Their burger was The Chipotle Boy: dry aged beef patty, maple cured bacon, homemade chipotle mayo, Swiss and American cheeses, lettuce, onion and gherkin in a demi-Brioche bun.

So I can't find anything on the Internet to officially tell me what demi-brioche is (as opposed to brioche) but based on this bun, it is less dense, which is a good thing. I hate having to fight through bread to get to the filling.

This was a beautiful burger. I think a bacon cheeseburger is pretty much the ultimate form of burger and I was concerned that the chipotle  mayo could ruin that. It didn't- it just added a hint of flavour in the background.

As I said, the burger was not too dense, the cheeses were perfectly gooey, the beef was juicy and well seasoned and you could actually taste the bacon.

Here's Edd, enjoying his burger.

As we were planning to hang around for a while, we didn't feel the need to rush back into the queue for the second one. Instead, we had a chat to  various people we know, had a little wander round and spotted a little bar in the corner selling cocktails.

I approve of cocktails that are set on fire.

Next, the burger from What's Your Beef- a team from Manchester.

Their burger was The Stateside Delux: freshly made dry aged patty from grass fed cattle, home dry cured streaky bacon, mature cheddar, fried onions, Dutch pickles, lettuce, beef tomato, ketchup and mustard in a Brioche bun.

First, a shout out to their ingenious wrapper. I've not seen anything like this before. You carefully peeled back each paper layer to reveal a perfect bite size piece of burger- then you tear off the next piece, and so on. This meant you always had something to hold the burger with and nothing dripped out.

This burger was fresher and less cheesy. The strongest taste coming through here was the onion. The burger itself was tasty but the bacon got lost. While I enjoyed the burger it didn't knock me over like the first one did.

After all that, we managed to make room for dessert.

Victoria Creperie were there, selling the most beautiful cheesecakes and gateaux.

Edd and I both went for their delicious Black Forest Gateaux. The chocolate sponge was oozing with Kirsch (I assume) and filled with layers of cream and cherries. It was very rich and it took me a while, but I got through it!

The night was rounded off with a burger eating challenge. Emma Dalton was challenged to eat a giant pile of burgers in half an hour. She's won eating challenges before and it was pretty exciting to watch.

I have no idea how but she got through those six burgers in just under half an hour. I enjoyed how calm she was!

In the last couple of minutes, everyone was cheering and it was super exciting when she ate the last mouthful!

And finally, it was time to announce the winners. It seems the crowd and the judges agreed with me because the winner was the Beefy Boys!

I had a great night and I'm so glad I was able to stay until the end. The burgers were both wonderful in their own way, even if I did prefer the less onion-heavy one. The whole atmosphere was a lot of fun and it makes me sad that there won't be another in Birmingham any time soon.

However, it does look like they will still be happening in other cities, so keep your eyes open for that. They seem to have shut down their twitter account for now but you can keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Photos by me and Edd.

Tickets paid for by myself.

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