Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November in Food

Bits and bobs I didn't write about in November

Keg and Grill

I've talked about The Keg and Grill several times before but I haven't been for a while. I revisited last month and had one of their specials- fantastic masala lamb chops, with their lovely naan and pilau rice. Such a satisfying meal.

Sushi Passion

I had a lovely evening with some fellow bloggers. We ate at Sushi Passion in Great Western Arcade and then headed over to Island Bar for the most difficult quiz ever! Focusing on the food, we shared a bridge of sushi (literally) and added one thing each. I had the spicy salmon hand roll which was a revelation- I'll be having this again.

It was my second visit to Sushi Passion and it was even better than the first time. The fish is so fresh and tasty. The tuna sashimi is probably my favourite but it is all splendid. Plus it comes on a bridge.

Somehow we had room for dessert. I had a caramel mochi which was lovely but I probably wouldn't bother again- I'd just have more sushi!

Purecraft Bar

Edd and I met some friends to do the speed quiz at Purecraft Bar a couple of weeks ago. As well as coming second and trying beer with hints of banana, we shared some of the small plates for dinner.

Speed Quizzing is the best kind of quizzing and you can look out for a blog post on that soon.

We had BBQ chicken with sour cream which was a generous portion for about £6, with lots of sticky meat.

Purecraft's scotch eggs are famous in Brum and you can see why- the meat is perfectly seasoned, the yolk is gooey, there are little chips at the bottom with excellent beer ketchup. Love these!

Rarebit on toast with a fried egg. I was just watching Masterchef and apparently this is called a Buck Rarebit when served with egg. Who knew? Anyway, this was as satisfying and cheesey as you would hope.

Finally, the Mac and Cheese with bacon. I've had a lot of good Mac and Cheese at this point, and while this was nice, it was just missing something- perhaps whatever the cheese they use.


Edd and I were in Leicester for a birthday and we wanted to get breakfast before heading home. I'd heard good things about Bill's (opening in Birmingham soon) so we went there. I was pleased with the quality of my bacon and enjoyed the toast and scrambled egg. I'm looking forward to heading to the Birmingham branch to find out more.

Graze olives

I've been trying to make myself like olives for ages and I'm slowly coming round. Graze's olive tubs are helping the cause- they are fabulous for a snack when I'm marking at work!

Pst, get your first box free using my code: HELENF9CP 
Enter it at www.graze.com


Believe it or not I do get some cooking done and I especially like to whip up something fun on a Friday. I recently made sweet potato and turkey burgers from a Pinterest recipe and they were fabulous. Find the recipe here.


Another place I love but haven't been to for a while. Rainy days call for giant slabs of wonderful cake and hot chocolate with cream. Indulgent!

Chung Ying Central via Deliveroo

We ordered a veritable feast from Chung Ying Central- it's difficult to limit yourself when the food is so good. Pork and prawn siu mai, salt and chilli chicken wings and duck yuk shung were my favourites but everything is fantastic! Such a lovely Saturday night treat and the prawn crackers lasted us through the film we watched too.


Natasha said...

Oh the food at Sushi Passion looks amazing! The Spicy Salmon Hand Roll sounds delicious. - Tasha

Kezzie said...

AHAHAHAHAHA, I KNEW that about Buckrabbit! My stepfather taught me what a Welsh rarebit and a Buck rarebit was when I was about six!!!x

Unknown said...

That bbq chicken with sour cream looks amazing! I miss Birmingham, I used to do the long distance thing with my boyfriend when he was there and it's such a great city, got it's bad parts but overall so friendly.