Monday, 28 December 2015

New opening: The Stable

The Stable opened on John Bright Street early this month. The Stable is a small chain with restaurants mainly across the south of the country. Established in Dorset a few years ago, they've now brought their pizza, pie and cider concept to Birmingham.

When I read about The Stable, I was initially underwhelmed. A pizza restaurant? Surely we have loads of those...oh. Actually, we don't. Where do you go for pizza in Birmingham city centre? The Victoria has good pizzas but nowhere else is leaping out. A big city like Birmingham can certainly handle a couple more pizza places that aren't Pizza Express.

I went along to the launch night which was buzzing. Most of the seating is long tables with benches which would be a bit awkward for anyone with mobility issues. There are a few more private tables but this is definitely a place for groups or young families. Having been back in quite a big group I would say the optimum number to sit at one of the tables is 4-6.

The launch night was obviously a bit different to usual but I did get to try several of their pizzas and some cider. I returned last week and can say that the quality of the food and the atmosphere were the same. You can book tables but you order food and drink at the bar. There are plenty of signs everywhere but the bar is a little small for this purpose.

On the launch night I had a sample of the pear cider which was pleasant enough but nothing to write home about. However, they do have a giant selection of interesting ciders, with something for everyone, from sweet and fizzy to dry and rather strong! Excitingly The Stable has a cider tasting board which consists of five 1/3 pints of different ciders to try. Edd and I both found a couple of ciders we liked and wouldn't have otherwise tried.

The pizza bases were super thin and crispy with interesting toppings. The tomato sauce was not too thick- just a thin spread to compliment the rest of the toppings.

 Some of the pizzas were sweetly named after local points
of interest such as The Bull Ring Boar (chorizo and salami) and The James Brindley (potato, onion and blue cheese).

My favourites of the evening were The Old Spot Trotter- bacon and mushroom topped with an egg, The Fresh Hawaiian- a twist on a Hawaiian with avocado and chilli and The Perry Barr-Baa- lamb, mint, goats curd cheese and roasted sweet sweet potato.

The Stable is a welcome addition to Birmingham's food scene. The pizza is great quality, the pies look great and I'm always happy to drink cider. It's a fun atmosphere, perfect for lunch or for food before a night out.

On the launch night I was also given a cute canvas bag with a tea towel, cider, apple, badge and other bits and bobs.

I did enjoy the apple the next day at work. I had a bit of an urge to put the apple on my desk (isn't that what teachers have on their desks?!) but, erm, ate it instead.

The Stable, John Bright Street

Photos by me.

I went along to the launch night where I had complimentary pizza and cider. My second visit I paid for everything myself.


Imogen said...

I love going to the launch of new places. The pizza looks amazing, this is definitely the sort of place I would enjoy visiting.

Kezzie said...

I'm not really a pizza fan (I'll eat it and enjoy it but I would ALWAYS choose something else over Pizza when going out) but these do look tasty!