Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New Opening: Original Patty Men

Call me a bad Birmingham food blogger but before now, I'd never had an Original Patty Men burger. I wasn't at the UK Burger Battle they competed at and I've never been there when they've been at any kind of street food event. Or perhaps they were and the queue was too crazy- I tend to go for the least intimidating queue. I'd heard amazing things about them and naturally wanted to try their food.

So imagine my delight when I heard they were opening their own restaurant!

Edd was even more keen to try than I was, so we went along on the first Sunday it was open. I'd been watching on twitter to see how it was going and was pleased to see how busy they had been on Saturday

There has been some chat about the location of the restaurant. It's not exactly out of the way- it's five minutes from the Bullring- but it's also not in a well known place. If you go under the bridge at the back of Moor Street station and then turn right you will find it in a railway arch unit. I could smell the food before I even turned the corner!

I LOVE that they have used a railway arch unit. When I was in Manchester I noted how many railway arches were used for clubs, bars etc and it isn't something that's really taken off in Birmingham. The area OPM have chosen isn't exactly buzzing at the moment but someone has to be the first- though they are joining nearby Polish restaurant The Karczma.

There's a little door to go through and you find yourself in a small, industrial themed room. It instantly feels a bit hidden, like you're in the know.

We were greeted by a friendly chap who let us pick our own table- there were maybe two other groups in there on a Sunday evening.

OPM have partnered with Siren Craft Brew to open the restaurant so there are a variety of their beers available. Edd went for the Blue Sky Blue Sea which he enjoyed. It went down easily and was a great pairing with the burgers.

I went for the Brodie's London Sour Peach which was wonderfully sour and not like anything I've had before! I don't drink a lot of beer so it's fun to try something new.

But the main attraction is, of course, the burgers! It's a small menu but I always take that as a sign of quality. There are five burgers on there at the moment, including one veggie option, and I hear that these will change periodically.  There's three different types of fries to choose from and a couple of side dishes- beans and jalepeno slaw.

Edd went for OPM's famous 'Big Verns' Crispy Ring- a cheese and bacon burger served with a glazed doughnut instead of a bun. We've been eager to try this for some time and it didn't disappoint. The sugary doughnut worked surprisingly well with the juicy burger, maple cured bacon and mustard. It was a oozy, sweet, messy, decadent delight. I only had a bite but I'll be having a full one next time. This is a burger you have to try at least once.

I picked the Bacon Cheese- a classic bacon cheese burger with lettuce, pickle, mustard and ketchup. As in the doughnut burger, the meat was oozy and well seasoned. The pickles added sharpness and the bun was soft but held everything together. A perfect street food burger with the added bonus of table service.

Our friend was with us and he chose Darron's Fancy- a beef patty with sriracha mayo, tomato, crushed pork scratchings and red Leicester cheese. I didn't try this one so I asked Edd for his opinion.

Despite the craziness of the pork scratchings, this is more of a classic burger than the doughnut burger. The pork scratchings added an interesting salty crunch, the mayo has just the right hint of heat and the whole thing still has the oozy, dirty street food feel.

We tried all three types of fries between us too. They are all skin-on fries, which you can have 'naked', topped with OPM spice mix or the O.D.B. Fries, topped with spice mix, slaw, mayo and crispy onions.

We decided to share a kit kat brownie which was deeply chocolaty with a sugary topping. A lovely end to the meal and a good size to share.

For three of us to have a beer, burger and fries each plus the brownie, came to £50 which is excellent value for the quality of the food. I can't think of anywhere else to get burgers like these (though Anderson's comes pretty close) and I'm so excited to go back and try the rest of the menu. 
They're open Thursday- Sunday and if you're a burger lover you should get down there pronto.

Photos by Edd.

Food paid for ourselves.

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Kezzie said...

Mmmm, that does look good and I am so intrigued by the donut bun! I just ate some salted dark chocolate (I'm going to regret it but I am so peed off with Christmas without any chocolate and barely eating that I just ate some regardless of the consequences!)
I love fries covered in stuff and I really like jalapenos- they are so tasty!
CBC's friend owns a craft beer brewery and bar in Herne Hill London that is in the railway arches- it is so cool!!!