Saturday, 19 December 2015

Event: I Choose Birmingham at Butcher's Social

After my first trip to Butcher's Social, I snapped up tickets to I Choose Birmingham's collaboration with them, organised by the Food and Drink Events company. This was £15 a ticket, to include a welcome cocktail, popcorn chicken, hot wings, chicken salt fries and a corn on the cob. Not bad at all!

Our Bourbon Smash welcome drink was very refreshing and not too strong, which was lucky as I spent the following few hours working my way through the rest of the cocktail menu.

My favourite was Rhubarb and Custard, made with Advocaat- it was sweet and sickly and amazing.

We took our time getting the food as there was a queue which was long and confusing- at one point we thought we'd got in the queue but we hadn't, it was just some people standing chatting. Duh. So we came back when it had gone down.

I didn't mind building up the anticipation and it was worth the wait.

The food was served in cute boxes in the shape of taxis. The idea was that it was a kind of fancy KFC and the presentation helped with this!

The chicken wings were, of course, lovely, with lots of meat and well seasoned skin. I liked that the hot sauce came separately so I could have as little or as much as I wanted. The chicken bites came with bits of chicken skin crackling scattered on time which were lovely little nuggets of joy.

The corn on the cob was a welcome refreshing addition and the chips weren't just chips- they were covered in roast chicken salt. I don't know about you, but when I have a KFC, I like to pop the chicken on top of the chips so they get soaked in chickeny goodness. The roast chicken salt mimicked this but the fries stayed crisp. Amazing!

A couple of drinks later and we decided we had room for more. We'd been eyeing up the mac and cheese balls and I always have room for more chicken wings.

The mac and cheese balls were like arancini but made with macaroni. The macaroni was in the most wonderful cheese sauce with a hint of truffle oil.

Even the dressing on the leaves underneath was splendid.

These chicken wings were coated in buffalo sauce. I can't believe I've gone most of my life thinking I don't like buffalo sauce. Now I can't get enough- it's hot but not too hot and I love the vinegary taste on the tongue. I've realised it's perfect with chicken wings as the acidity cuts through the heaviness of deep fried chicken skin. These chicken wings had everything I mentioned above and were a great end to the night.

If you like the look of Butcher's Social, you only have until New Year to check it out. They will be closing to change into Harborne Kitchen, which will have an emphasis on fine dining rather than chicken wings. However Butcher's Social was so loved that they are looking for new premises which the hope of opening in February. Keep an eye on their twitter.

Butcher's Social's food isn't healthy but it is refined and not many fried chicken joints can say that. The lovely added touches such as the truffle in the mac and cheese keep things interesting and it will be sad to see them vanish briefly. I'm heading back for the last time tonight and I can't wait for those chicken wings!

The Butcher's Social, Harborne High Street

Photos by Edd and myself.

All food and drink paid for ourselves.

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