Sunday, 20 December 2015

Event: Alpen at Gas Street Social

Have you walked past Gas Street Social recently? You may have noticed that they have undergone a bit of a make over. 

A Christmassy wintery makeover! Lights! Blankets! Pine cones! Ski huts!

The place looks amazing. They've covered the booths with little wooden roofs, added a couple of wooden sheds at the back, added cosy blankets and winter cushions.

So what is the food and drink like to go with it?

As well as classic mulled wine and mulled cider, they've added mulled ale too. You know what mulled wine and mulled cider are like and they are both worth having at Gas Street Social this winter.

The mulled ale is something new. Made with Wolf Rock IPA, Cognac, vanilla, sugar and spices, it's quite sweet but with a bitter edge. It's a weird experience drinking ale hot. It's worth a try but I don't know if I could drink it all evening.

Edd and I also tried a couple of their Christmas cocktails. I picked the Flipping Mince Pie made with mince pie infused vodka, Benedictine, orange and an egg. You know how I love an eggy cocktail! This was smooth, creamy and rich. The orange flavour was not too strong.

Edd chose a Gingerbread Espresso Martini made with Sailor Jerries, Butterscotch, espresso, orange and a ginerbread topping. Edd enjoyed it but didn't feel it was 'gingerbreaddy' enough.

While we were trying the drinks we also had some of their festive food to nibble on.

First up, cheese fondue. I've never had proper cheese fondue before so I was pretty excited. It was a lot of fun stabbing the bread and dipping it into the warm applewood smoked cheese. We all really enjoyed this and just needed a little more bread.

I love cured salmon at Christmas. Gas Street Social have cured theirs in beetroot and vodka. Served on a blini with horseradish cream, these are elegant little bites.

The chipolata sausages were nothing to write home about but I loved the honey and mustard glaze. Plus there's something fun and festive about mini sausages.

Finally, mushroom and truffle arancini were rich, fragrant and satisfying.

I've been back a couple of times for the Christmas cocktails and I can confirm that they are all splendid. My personal favourite is the Christmas Pudding, made with Cognac and cream with the added scent of spiced fruits.

With just under a week til Christmas, Gas Street Social is a perfect place for a pre-Christmas catch up with friends. The festive food and drinks are available until Thursday but the Alpen lodge theme will be up throughout January.

Photos by me.

Food and mulled drinks were complimentary but we bought our own cocktails.

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