Saturday, 12 December 2015

Birmingham: Speed Quizzing and food at Purecraft Bar

Purecraft Bar is fast becoming one of my favourite places in the city centre. It opened a couple of years ago, selling a vast array of beer and with good quality food too. 

I find Purecraft Bar to be really open to non-experienced beer drinkers like myself, happily talking you through the menu and giving you samples. I love that you can get 2/3 of a pint glasses- sometimes a pint is too much but a half isn't enough.

I like the Purity ales- Ubu, Pure Gold and Mad Goose are favourites- but it's also fun to check out the specials. Last time I was there I had a beer that tasted of bananas! They also do some food dishes with beer pairings. For example, the cheese and meat boards come with a sample of matching beer.

I've been a few times for food now and I'm always impressed. It's hearty pub food but well done with good, fresh ingredients. The scotch eggs are something of a legend in Birmingham now and they do a array of sharing items. Read my November in Food post for more on those! I also tried the meat and cheese boards back in January in Food.

In October Half Term, Edd and I headed to Purecraft Bar for drinks, food and speed quizzing!

Edd picked a chicken dish, with wonderful crispy skin, a rich sticky sauce and plenty of hearty vegetables. 

The menu changes regularly but some items are always on there, including my favourite fish and chips. I love fish and chips but some places do it so wrong with soggy or overcooked batter, the fish chewy and insignificant. Purecraft Bar's is excellent. The batter is perfectly cooked and golden, protecting the fish inside so it steams gently. Cut open the crispy batter and you have tender, hot fish which flakes away at the touch of a fork. The skin on fries are lovely and the pea puree is a perfect accompaniment.

We were also there to take part in a Speed Quiz. I love quizzes but Speed Quizzes are genius. A member of your team downloads the app onto a phone or tablet and you answer the questions on there. It's timed too, so you don't have time to cheat. There's music rounds, rounds where you lose points if your answer is wrong, rounds where you can pick more than one answer, topical's great fun and very fast paced. Any cracks in your friendship will show!

You can use their search facility to find a Speed Quiz near you.

I had a great time speed quizzing, eating and trying some different craft beers. If you haven't tried Purecraft Bar, winter is a great time to tuck into some of their hearty food. Or go along on Monday for the Speed Quiz at 7.30pm. You could win a £50 bar tab!

Purecraft Bar, Waterloo Street 
Speed Quzzing

Photos by me and by Edd

All food, drink and quiz entry paid for ourselves.


MissPond said...

I LOVE Pure beers! This place looks amazing! My parents live near Birmingham, I think I'll have to go and check it out when I'm next visiting :)

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

I need to give Pure another try for dinner. I go in there for drinks fairly often, but I've eaten there once on a work dinner. The food was great, but the service was crap. I've heard such good things since though, so perhaps it was off night and a second chance is in order.
I LOVE speed quizzing. My friend Stoo is one of their Quiz Masters.