Sunday, 29 November 2015

Review: Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai have a large restaurant in Harborne and a cosier one in Moseley. I headed to the Moseley one to try out their Christmas menu.

I like how many options there are for Christmas meals! It doesn't have to be turkey and Christmas puddings.

We each had a sample board of a few of the starters- scallops in black bean sauce, space rib, crab cake and chicken satay.

I started with the elegantly presented scallops. I've only had French or British style scallops- you know, pea puree, bacon and so on. As lovely as they are, it was wonderful to try scallops in a different context. The sauce was rich and fruity and the scallops were soft and yielding with just the slightest bite to them. Delicious.

The rib, I'll be honest, did not overwhelm me. I've become used to lots of meat on ribs and this one didn't quite live up to that expectation. Never mind- it was literally the only weak link of the evening.

The crab cake was crispy and satisfying, especially when paired with the sweet chilli sauce. I was left with the chicken satay. I've never been a fan of satay and I realise now it's because I've never had it done as well as at Sabai Sabai.

A creamy, nutty flavour with moist chicken, expertly charred at the edges. Often satay can be too sweet, but this had a perfect savoury note.

I'd powered through the starter but now it was time to tuck into the mains. They brought out lots for us to share, with a mix of meat and fish dishes. I was sat opposite Emily of Good Girl Gone Brum, who is a pescetarian and she was brought her own tofu salad and yellow curry but she was also able to try the fish dishes.

There was so much food to try! Taramind duck and sea bass with vegetables in a garlic and pepper sauce were both cooked beautifully, with generous amounts of vegetables and meat.

I loved the sirloin steak with pepper in Panang sauce. The sauce was creamy and fragrant and the beef was somewhere between medium and well done but retained moisture. I would not usually pick steak so this dish won me over completely!

My favourite dish of the evening was the spicy and fragrant monkfish. Monkfish is such a meaty tasty fish and it held its own against the thai green curry sauce poured on top. Alongside the sauce and fish were bamboo shoots and green beans wrapped in chargrilled aubergine. This was good enough to have been a dish on its own!

Finally, a yellow thai curry, filled with chicken and vegetables, including potato which made it hearty and filling. I almost didn't need the chicken. The sauce itself was flavoursome and fragrant.

One of the (many) things I love about Thai food is that you can feel satisfied but not stuffed afterwards. The fragrant, creamy flavours keep your taste buds happy but your belly too.

Saying that, when we were presented with dessert, I felt a bit worried. More food?

Happily, the ice cream and panna cotta were light and the brownie was big enough to give me a chocolatey hit but not too big to fill me up.

I had a wonderful meal at Sabai Sabai. The Christmas set menu is only £25 p.p. which is excellent for the quality of the food. Take a look at Sabai Sabai's Christmas deals on their website.

Sabai Sabai are in Harborne and Moseley.

Photos by me.

Meal was complimentary in return for an honest blog post.

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