Thursday, 5 November 2015

Review: En Place at Two Cats

I was impressed by En Place's August pop-up so I was intriuged to try their take on Sunday lunch. I'm not particularly bothered by Sunday lunch in the way other people are. I do occasionally fancy it but I don't feel the need to have it every week. I would also never pick beef.

So a beef roast dinner by En Place was going to push some boundaries for me!

This being En Place though, we didn't just have a roast dinner. There were snacks, a fish starter, pudding and sweets to finish all for £35 per head. This pop-up was held at Two Cats' stunning restaurant in the Jewellery Quarter. Two Cats serve 'New Baltic' cuisine and I need to get myself there pronto.

Snack: Mackerel pate on homemade soda bread, with salted cucumber. This small bite packed a lot of flavour in. The cucumber was perfect with it.

Snack: Mini baked potato with caviar, butter, sour cream and chive. We laughed a little at the caviar but as soon as we had a mouthful we stopped- this was gorgeous! The caviar just added an interesting twist.

Fish: Tempura dab fillets with horseradish snow, pickled cucumber and fennel. I'd seen the dab on the menu and had no idea what it was until I googled it. Great to use more unusual fish! The tempura batter was excellent. A delicate dish with perfect flavours. The horseradish snow was unusual and I would have liked a little more. This was my favourite dish of the afternoon.

Main: Braised and rolled shin of beef with roast carrot, swede, onion puree and parsnip puree. It came with yorkshire puddings. roast potato and-excitingly- a beef and ale tea!
I need to talk about the tea first. It came in a cup so you could drink it but I saw some people use it as a gravy. I really enjoyed it as a drink as it meant I could pick when to have the flavour whenever you chose. The puree added moisture to the meal.
The meat melted in the mouth and the purees were really delicious. It didn't win me over to beef but I did enjoy it. Some greens would have been nice though!

Dessert: Sticky toffee pudding with honeycomb, banana and buttermilk ice cream. Sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite desserts in the colder months and this was beautiful. Chewy, sweet, rich but not sickly. The buttermilk ice cream was perfectly refreshing and the honeycomb was excellent. Huge portion too!

Dessert: Puff pastry ice cream, blackberries and pumpkin seeds. En Place make the most amazing flavoured ice creams. Last time it was cheese on toast flavour and while this didn't quite reach the heady heights of that, it was still pretty amazing.

Dessert: Salted caramel cream and dark chocolate. Nothing needs saying here really- it was a tasty morsel to finish the meal.

This was a great take on a classic roast dinner. I'm still not going to order beef for my roast but I'm completely sold on dab!

En Place haven't announced another pop up but keep an eye on their twitter @_enplace

Afterwards we had time to pop in and see the newly (that day!) opened New St Station. It's pretty splendid. I love how light, bright and airy it is.

Paid for in full by myself.
Photos by Edd.

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Jasmin Charlotte said...

Yum! This looks gorgeous, I do love some good pop ups. Glad you enjoyed both times! x

Jasmin Charlotte