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Review: Borracho del Oro via Deliveroo

What am I looking at with great joy?

You may have spotted from some of my 'month in food' posts that I love Deliveroo- the delivery service that brings restaurant food to you. I've had some great meals from Handmade Burger, Chung Ying Central, Taj Mahal, Amantia, Rub Smokehouse and more. 

We ordered from El Borracho de Oro this time. It's a new Spanish restaurant in Edgbaston, which has been on my list to try. Having a delivery is a good way to try a new place as there is nowhere to hide. You don't get swept up with the friendly service, the atmosphere, the stylish plates. It's just food, on your plate, in your living room while you watch Doctor Who.

The ordering system is quite simple- you choose the restaurant you want from your local list, then click on the items you want. I think they could have a better customisation process. If you wanted a cheeseburger with no bun for example, you have to go through the whole list until you find 'cheeseburger no bun'. Surely it would be better to have customisation on a separate page?

Anyway, we ordered from El Borracho de Oro, but then received an email to tell me that one of the items I'd ordered was out of stock. This has never happened before and I think it was a bit unlucky- someone in the restaurant ordered the last one as I was ordering mine. A quick call to the restaurant allowed me to find out what I could have instead and that was sorted very quickly.

Half an hour later the food was at our door! I've always found Deliveroo drivers to be friendly and they will also go out of their way to come to the flat door rather than waiting at the door to the building. Travelling round on bikes must take the parking stress out of deliveries. 

Food was well packaged in cardboard boxes and tubs. The good quality of it meant we could put all the boxes on the table to share straight from. This was perfect for a tapas meal.

So what about the food?

I always have king prawns when I have tapas. They were naturally not served piping hot as they would be in the restaurant but they were still pleasantly warm. Peeling the skin off was great fun and I loved the tasty, garlicky oil.

 We also had patatas bravas which magically retained their crispiness through the journey. I liked the spicy pepper sauce. Battered aubergine fries with honey got a little soggy en route so weren't as good as the ones I enjoyed at Amantia but were still sticky and moreish.

I ummed and ahhed over ordering the asparagus. The optimal season for asparagus in the UK has been and gone and it's hard to beat. But I wanted it and it was good. The spears were charred and came with a beautiful romesco sauce, bursting with red pepper flavour. I ended up dunking everything into this! I just couldn't help wishing it was the spring so I could have lovely seasonal asparagus.

The croquetas come in a variety of flavours. I've spotted that they are now described as croquetas del dia (of the day) rather than 'croquetas de jamon' (ham) as they were when we ordered. This is better as they won't run out of ham croquetas as they did with us.

I've saved the best til last. I'm obsessed with chicken wings at the moment so I had to go for the wings marinated in red wine sauce. Although the wings weren't as big as is the fashion at the moment, they were meaty and the sauce was incredible. Fragrant, spiced, rich; they almost put me in mind of Christmas! I'm looking at the menu now and they don't seem to have them but they do have chicken skewers which hopefully have the same incredible marinade!

 I was impressed by both the food from El Borracho de Oro and the service from Deliveroo. I'll definitely be heading to the restaurant for more tapas and I'm already a fan of Deliveroo. This wasn't a cheap delivery at £42 including £2.50 delivery but the quality was excellent and there are cheaper options on Deliveroo. You would also not be unhappy if you paid £40 for this food in the restaurant.

El Borracho de Oro, Harbourne Road, Edgbaston

Photos by Edd

I received a discount from Deliveroo in return for posting on social media about my delivery. I wasn't required to write a blog, I just wanted to because I already love the concept!

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Jasmin Charlotte said...

I haven't tried Deliveroo yet but I've been meaning too for ages! It does look really good and is so handy to get deliveries straight to the door. I want to try it for burgers soon! x

Jasmin Charlotte