Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Review: Afternoon Tea at The Edgbaston

Bloggers love Afternoon Tea! A group of Midlands food bloggers meet semi-regularly for tea, sandwiches, cake and chat. Last time, I went to Hotel Du Vin which was nice enough but not a contender for best Afternoon Tea in Brum.

This time we headed to The Edgbaston, a boutique hotel on Highfield Road, known for its cocktails. We'd all heard great things about the Afternoon Tea so we settled into the 1920s inspired room with glee.

Our splendid server talked us through our options, which include adding champagne or The Moseley Serve which comes with three gin cocktails. We went for the standard non-alcoholic option but I definitely want to head back for The Moseley Serve- it sounds great for a birthday or anniversary.

They had a variety of loose leaf teas. I picked lemon verbena, which was refreshing and not too sweet.

We loved the vintage teapots. I wonder whose job it is to polish them. They are doing a good job anyway as I could see my face in my tea pot.

We started our afternoon tea with quite a spectacle. Palate cleansers were brought to our table in trays filled with dry ice, which was then covered with water to create an exciting steam effect.

There were two sets so all the steam completely covered the table to cries of ooh and ahh! (Easily pleased).

The palate cleanser itself was a gin and tonic granita with lemon curd and raspberry syrup. A pleasing combination of textures and flavours which got us excited for the food.

Palate cleansers finished, it was time for the main event.

The sandwiches were very traditional- ham and mustard, egg and cress and salmon. I would prefer a little more filling, but sandwiches aren't the most important thing for me. They filled the savoury gap in my appetite but weren't particularly memorable.

I was too excited to move onto the sweets!

We were treated to some incredible pastries. The delicate choux pastry swan caught everyone's eye immediately. I almost felt bad eating it. Almost. The macaron was perfectly executed too. The little lemon and blackberry tart was topped with gold leaf, an amusingly decadent touch. The pastry was crisp and the filling was tart but sweet.

Finally, hazlenut, chocolate and meringue lollipop was chewy and fun.

Unusually, the scones came out last. I would normally have my scone before the pastries but I suppose there wasn't enough room on the table.

The scones were warm when they came to us and were served with little pots of clotted cream and jam. The pots were cute but a little fiddly- I think a boring dish is more practical!

It was nice that the scones were warm but I found them a little too crumbly for my liking. They weren't stingy with the portions and we all took an extra one home. I gave mine to Edd, aren't I good.

Overall a fantastic experience at The Edgbaston. The extra touches like the china, the silver teapots, the tea selection and the palate cleanser, plus the incredible pastries, friendly service and sophisticated atmosphere make this a must-visit for me. The only thing that would make it better would be a more interesting savoury selection and less crumbly scones- but both of those are matters of taste.

The traditional Afternoon Tea is £20pp and must be booked in advance.

The Edgbaston, Highfield Road, Birmingham. 

Photos by me.

We all paid for our food in full and The Edgbaston did not know we were bloggers.

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Kezzie said...

Phwoar, that looks incredible!!! MMM,choux pastry is my favourite and I LOVE Lemon Verbena tea!x