Thursday, 19 November 2015

New opening: Buffalo and Rye

The newest Bitters and Twisted venue opened this week and I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview on Sunday.

I knew it would be American themed with whisky cocktails and smoked food. I was expecting ribs, wings and bacon. However, knowing the other venues, I was also expecting the Buffalo and Rye twist.

We had a couple of drinks to sample- a refreshing Elderflower Fizz mocktail and a Mountain Dew Collins- gin, lemon juice and Mountain Dew! This was great fun and surprisingly refreshing too.


Drinks in hand, it was time to look around the venue. It's a much smaller place than I expected but they've packed in a variety of seats and a well-stocked bar.

The quirky light fittings are very of-the-moment, as is the 'industrial' bar, wooden tables and crates lining the wall.

I may sound like I'm rolling my eyes but I do like this style very much- it gives a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Of course, Pip's Hot Sauce is ready and waiting on the tables.

Chatting and mingling done, it was time for the food. They brought out a variety for us to share, so we all tried a good spread of the menu. Unfortunately we didn't get any of the smoked items as the smoker wasn't ready, but you can expect ribs, pulled pork and brisket to be available.

I'm obsessed with chicken wings at the moment so I was pretty excited when the Buffalo Wings were brought out. Whole chicken wings had been fried and coated in a deliciously tangy hot sauce, which was just the right side of spicy. Served traditionally with celery and carrot sticks and blue cheese dip, these were a firm favourite around the table. There was plenty of tender meat on the bone and you get 6 for £7 or 12 for £13 so this would make a pretty substantial meal with some added sides.

Onto the hot dogs. First we tried the El Classico. I usually find hot dogs boring but this one had some nice touches to keep it interesting. The sausage was a beef frankfurter and it was served with red onion jam which had been neatly spread  on the bun rather than piled on top. Naturally, it was topped with ketchup and mustard. The red onion jam and beef sausage elevated this hot dog to something far away from something you might have at the cinema.

We had some chilli topped fries with these too. The beef in the chilli was juicy and tasty and there was lots of cheese too!

The best fries were the parmesan and truffle oil ones though!

When the salad was brought out we weren't particularly excited after all the meat but this was a good salad. Kale, goats cheese, roasted butternut squash, chickpeas and pine nuts made for a hearty, tasty salad. This would make a great meal paired with chicken wings or a hot dog.

As well as main meals, they do brunch! Pancakes with a variety of generous toppings could make a good breakfast or a pudding.

After food it was time for a mini cocktail masterclass.

The Apricot Smash was made with apricot jam and Jim Beam Honey. I'm not a huge fan of whiskey so I found this too strong for my taste, but it was popular with everyone else.


I preferred the Bourbon Honey Mule, made with Jim Beam Honey, fresh lemon and ginger beer, finished with a generous amount of Angostura bitters. I loved the way it looked and the bitters add such a great fragrance. The ginger beer softened the bourbon too, which worked for me.

I really liked the decoration, food and drinks at Buffalo and Rye. Based on the sneak preview, I definitely advise going along.

From what I can tell on twitter they are crazily busy at the moment. They don't accept bookings for groups of less than 6 so I would suggest leaving it a week or so for walk-ins. It will give them chance to find their feet anyway!

Photos by me and Edd.

The event was organised by Brumderland in order for bloggers to sample the food in return for an honest post.


Unknown said...

This looks insane. I saw another blogger up up a pic yesterday and got very excited. A big group of us want to book a meal here for the 23rd.... Worth it?

Kezzie said...

Wow, looks absolutely Amazing!!!!!!Xx