Thursday, 26 November 2015

New menu: Norjske

Sometimes you get invited along to an event and have literally no idea what to expect. I'd heard good things about Norjske bar and deli in Edgbaston and I'd heard good things about Fybin and Loin caterers and I'd also heard they were teaming up. I had a vague idea about sandwiches.

So I was in for a pleasant surprise.

Norjske will become 21 Edgbaston in January. They will be completely changing the upstairs area and improving the downstairs deli.

So we started by trying out the new sandwich offers. Wow- these are some special sandwiches. Expect fillings such as veal, salt beef and salmon with extra special accompaniments. I tried the salmon with creme fraiche and watercress, and salt beef with lettuce, sourkrout and Russian dressing.

Next we moved onto the sort of dishes you can expect to see in the bar upstairs. The manager told us they want a sharing plates situation, but we will wait to see if that occurs in January.

Some of the dishes I tried are available now; others were to showcase the ingredients.

First up, a plate of splendid cured meat with a soft boiled egg and excellent dressing. After this, there was a dizzying display of samples, including fish, gammon, ox cheek and pork with fantastic sauces and garnishes.

The seabass was perfectly cooked, with crispy skin and served with aubergine imam which was surprisingly spicy- an unexpected but delicious touch.

The gammon was one of my favourites. Often gammon can be too salty and over-cooked, but this was tender, flavoursome, with just the right amount of salt.

The ox cheek was excitingly served with bone marrow. It was very rich- a little too rich for me, but I enjoyed mixing the gooey marrow with the ox reduction and dipping the meat in.

I was looking forward to the 'pig in blanket'. This was pork loin wrapped in bacon with fig and onion.

I didn't think there could possibly be any more, but we were then presented with raspberry natas or custard tarts. Warm, creamy, with a touch of sharpness from the raspberries, these were seriously addictive. I even took a second one.

It was an evening of surprises at Norjske. I was not expecting such high quality food or such interesting flavour combinations. Head down soon and give their 'sharing plates' a go. They're priced between £6 and £10 per plate. The wine I tried was excellent too.

The food I tried has made me look forward to going back and seeing the changes that occur!

Norjske, Highfield Road, Edgbaston

Photos by me.

I was invited along to sample the new menu but wasn't required to blog.

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Unknown said...

This looks insane. Need to try here, it's just around the corner from me!