Sunday, 22 November 2015

LunchEdd: Chaopraya Christmas Menu

Something different today! A few weeks ago I was invited to the Chaopraya Christmas menu launch. Unfortunately it was a daytime event on a Thursday so I couldn't make it. Pesky jobs! So I sent Edd instead (he does have a job but he happened to be off on this day).

I logged into instagram and twitter on his phone so he could do the social media for me too. It was a weird sensation when I checked my phone at lunchtime to find my twitter full of food I hadn't eaten!

So how did Edd get on? He headed down to the Bullring on a Thursday afternoon. Chaopraya is on Spiceal Street- the row of restaurants by the church.

What did you think about the location? 

We headed upstairs, where there was a huge big window which gave it a light and airy feel. Lots of booths, a modern, clean feel. Downstairs seemed a bit cosier but I didn't spend much time there.

How did the afternoon start?

I had a blooming green tea. This was exciting as we popped the bud in ourselves and then watched it bloom- though mine seemed to take longer than everyone else's. The tea was fruity and tasty. We also had some prawn crackers to munch on while we waited for the food.

What starters did you have?

We had spring rolls, prawn and chicken toast and chicken satay. These are part of the Christmas set menu appetiser so would be good to stave off hunger at your Christmas do while waiting for the main course.

 So what's going on in these pictures?

While we were waiting for our food, a chef set up a little cooking area and cooked our curries in front of us. It was interesting to see the fresh ingredients.

You love Thai Green Curry. How was Chaopraya's?

It was nice actually- very creamy with just the right little tickle of spice.

What was the second main course like- Braised Pork Stew?

This was really good. I'd really recommend trying this melt in the mouth pork dish.

Ooh these cocktails look exciting! What's going on there?

The cocktails were actually really nice. They caramalised the sugar on the outside of the glass with a blowtorch! So it had something a bit different to your normal Baileys cocktail. This would be really nice on a winters day. You could have it with Baileys or Brandy. The Brandy was epic and the Baileys one was filthy!

What was your overall experience like at Chaopraya? Would this make a good Christmas meal?

Although I wasn't overwhelmed by the starters, I did love the mains and the cocktails were fun and really wintery. This would be a real crowd pleaser for a Christmas work do. The venue is really nice, light and bright too.

Thanks Edd!

So there you have it- Edd's first solo blog trip. Thanks to Ting, Amelia and Emily for chaperoning. 

Chaopraya, Spiceal Street, Bullring, Birmingham

Photos by Edd.

I was invited to Chaopraya to sample their Christmas menu but was not required to blog. I sent Edd along instead of me as I was working.


Imogen said...

This looks amazing and I'm interested hearing your thoughts.

Kezzie said...

Ooooh, I love the look of it!!! Those crackers look good!!!Xx