Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Event: Rib Nights October 2015

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It's been a year since the last Rib Nights so I was very excited when another night was announced. Naturally I snapped up my tickets immediately.

This year's event was held at Cafe Opus. We all sat inside while the teams cooked on the patio area.

This one was sponsored by Sailor Jerry spiced rum so we were able to try lots of rum cocktails for just £4 a cup.

My table ('the blogger table') got through a fair few...

Before the ribs were served, we were presented with a shot of pickle juice and a shot of Sailor Jerry. I remember this from last year- you shoot the pickle juice and then the spirit. Actually it was a lot smoother and more pleasant with the spiced rum. It still isn't something I'll be treating myself to though!

Edd and I headed outside to see how the ribs were coming along. Both teams were working hard.

Smoke and Spice BBQ is the younger set up of the two teams but that doesn't mean anything! The smell coming from those ribs was fantastic.

Crackerjack BBQ  have been cooking ribs far longer. They certainly had an efficient assembly line going!

Back inside, it was nearly time for ribs! As well as the main event, we had bread, coleslaw and fries to snack on.

And then ribs!

You wouldn't expect ribs to be that different to each other. Ribs are ribs are ribs no? Actually, the two were extremely different. Team A was very smokey with more chewy meat- I mean that in a good way.

Team B's meat was more tender. A couple of people on my table complained that theirs were quite fatty but I didn't have this problem. These were also a lot more saucy than Team A.

It was a difficult decision as both teams had something fantastic to offer. I loved the smokiness of Team A, which I'd never be able to replicate at home. I do like a sauce though and Team B's was delicious.

I voted for B but most people on my table voted for A. So I was surprised (and pleased) when B were announced as the winner!

Team B turned out to be Crackerjack BBQ but congratulations should go to both teams for their amazing food.

Thanks also to the team behind Rib Nights for a brilliant evening. If you fancy going to the last ever Birmingham Rib Nights there are NINE tickets left- snap them up now.  https://www.designmynight.com/birmingham/whats-on/rib-nights-birthday-special

Photos by myself and Edd.
The tickets were paid for by myself in full. 

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Kezzie said...

Helen, you always make me hungry!!! This sounds a great night and I'd love to try one!
We didn't stop in Birmingham for long as we had to get to Manchester but I loved the new John Lewis and I am itching to come back to explore!x