Friday, 27 November 2015

Event: A Foodie Halloween

I've never really done Halloween. I like dressing up, I like nights out, but I dislike fancy dress and I'm not really into 'scary' stuff. So the recent trend for Halloween based foodie events has given me a good excuse to get involved.

First up, the Food Birmingham Halloween festival. This was Food Birmingham's first event, held at King's Heath village square on Halloween. They had filled the square with street food, music and spooky cocktails.

I'll be honest, I was a little hungover after Cocktail XChange's Halloween event the night before. There was a huge array of food on offer and I felt a bit panicky trying to pick something to sooth my aching head.

Luckily, Edd knew exactly what he wanted. He had mac'n'cheese with chicken, pumpkin seeds and garlic bread from Nibbles Corner. He'd had it before at BIFF and loved the cheesy comforting nature of it.

Smoqued had some pretty exciting tacos on the menu. I picked the lamb barbacoa, with slaw, cheese curd, habanero ketchup and the most amazing invention, LAMB BACON. The lamb was amazing but the spice was a little too much for me in my delicate state.

Loved the bright yellow van!

Lamb bacon though. Lamb bacon. Crispy, tasty lamb bacon.

After that it was time for a coffee! We had a lovely chat with the chap selling the coffees. It's his girlfriend's business and the coffee comes from a company in Wales.

I enjoyed my spoooky pumpkin spice latte. We watched a little more of the music and jumped in an Uber to Harborne!

Yes- Harborne, for foodie event numero dos. Edd and I have been meaning to check out Butchers Social for ages and Halloween seemed like a good occasion. We arranged to meet a couple of Harborne friends and headed over for cider and wings.

For the uninitiated, Butchers Social was previously a Walter Smith butchers. It lay empty for a while until a couple of chefs took it over for a chicken wings pop up. It was only supposed to be for a couple of days but it was so popular that it's still going now!

The venue is literally the old butchers stripped of everything, with some fryers, a counter and a few tables and chairs.

Our friends both went for the crispy brie. It looked fantastic but my non-blogging friends weren't very descriptive!

I had to go for the infamous salted caramel wings. I'll be honest, my hungover state wasn't the best time to try these as the sauce was quite rich. I was kicking myself as I could TELL that they were amazing but I couldn't APPRECIATE it. 

Edd had marmite wings. He said they are as good as they sound- if you like marmite. 

The wings were pleasingly large, with lots of tender meat and generous coatings. I've since been back (soon to come on the blog) and can confirm how great they are. I have to return before they close at New Year and have the salted caramel wings again!

We all walked round the corner to Paradice Gelateria for ice cream! I picked toffee apple, green tea and cherry and it was probably the easiest thing I'd eaten all day. I needed something cold and soothing but tart and refreshing too. This was really good gelato- the best I'd had since Florence. Another Harborne venue to head back to.

I wish I'd been feeling a bit more chipper, to really appreciate the amazing food, but Halloween gave me lots of ideas for places to head back to.

Return soon for a better review of Butcher's Social.

Photos by Edd

Everything paid for by me and Edd.

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Natasha said...

Oh I love salt and pepper chicken wings, they're one of my favourite dishes so the salted caramel wings look and sound amazing! I love events like these, I really should try and get to something like this at some point - the foodie heaven! - Tasha