Thursday, 12 November 2015

Event: Christmas Preview at Bistro 1847

I've ceased thinking of 1847 as a 'vegetarian restaurant'. In my head it's an 'excellent restaurant'. I love anyone doing something creative with food and not just relying on a slab of steak. 

I was invited along to a pre-Christmas event at their Great Western Arcade restaurant. We sampled some bites from the Chrismas menu and spent some time chatting with other bloggers and foodies.

I love the clean look of 1847. Lots of wood with the feature of leafless trees hanging in the window. We picked up a bellini and waited for the food!

First, Mushroom Crostini. Mushroom and walnut paste with pickled quince. A rich, smooth paste complimented by the quince. A tasty bite to start the evening.

Next, a sample of the Winter Warmer soup. We had 'shots' of roast parsnip soup, which was just as the title suggested.

Next, the final starter. Whipped feta with roast butternut squash. I loved the garlic running through the creamy feta. This was my favourite of the three starters.

We then sampled the amazing ginger ale battered halloumi. I've had the full meal of this and confirm that it is sensational. The lemon curd with it is a touch of genius.

Finally, it was time for dessert. A bowl of tropical fruits- pomegranate, burnt pineapple with coconut streusel which is flour egg and sugar usually, but I guess they added coconut also.
As pleasant and healthy feeling as this was, it was my least favourite dish. It felt like it would be a really awesome breakfast, but wasn't as satisfying as I like a pudding to be. Especially a Christmas pudding.

Not to worry, they also have chocolate pear and chestnut pie which both sound delightful.

Another great option for a Christmas get together. 3 course evening meal is £24 per head. Imagine how happy your veggie friends would be and how surprised the meat-lovers would be!
Email for more details.

Bistro 1847, Great Western Arcade, Birmingham

Photos by Edd and myself.

Food and drink samples were complimentary but I was not required to blog.

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