Thursday, 8 October 2015

September in Food

A round up of bits and bobs I didn't blog about in September!

Take away

Edd's birthday fell on a school night this year so we stayed in and had a take away from Deliveroo. He picked Handmade Burger for their super burgers and chips. I went for a cheese and bacon burger with chunky chips.

A couple of weeks later we had another takeaway from Taj Mahal- still our favourite Brum take away!

We're incredibly boring and always order the same old thing. I always have tandoori king prawns with peshwari naan and Edd has lamb tikka with keema naan.

Peshwari naan is filled with coconut and drizzled with honey. Keema naan is filled with lamb.

The prawns are a good size and the flavours are incredible. I love the chilli sauce and raiti which come with it too.

Brunch at The Victoria

When we spotted free Bloody Marys with brunch at The Victoria, we had to go and give it a go.

I've not tried a Bloody Mary before and I'll be honest- it wasn't for me. I hate celery and felt like I could taste it the whole time. If you don't try, you'll never know!

Luckily the food was great. I had asparagus wrapped in parma ham with boiled eggs and garlic pizza dough.

Edd had a breakfast bap, with bacon, tomato, sausages and egg.

We popped back to The Victoria the day after to try out their burgers again.

My review of the new menu at The Victoria.


For Edd's birthday, I made his favourite sticky toffee cupcakes. If you've never tried these I really recommend them! Recipe at Good to Know.


I do a lot of cooking from scratch or from recipe boxes such as Simply Cook or Hello Fresh. For some reason or another I didn't get many photos in September. However I did make this splendid Bokkeumbap using a Simply Cook kit. Got to love a fried egg.

I've been off work with nausea and a tummy bug since Tuesday and I'm just about getting back into proper meals. Fingers crossed I'm completely recovered for Saturday as I'm off for Afternoon Tea at The Edgbaston!


Unknown said...

Hope you feel better for sat too- looking forward to it :)

Kezzie said...

Mmmm, lots of yummy! That rice and egg looks like Nasi Goreng from Indonesia! I'm definitely having Tandoori prawns next time I go for an Indian!x

Emily said...

Everything looks so yummy! The Asparagus at The Victoria looks to die for, I deffo need to try that! Hope you are well enough for Saturday and have a great time, can't wait to read all about it!