Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Review: The Man and the Myth at Urban Coffee Company

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After trying out Nomad's Kings Heath pop up, I was delighted to hear that the next venture would be in the city centre. Having loved the premise behind Nomad (imaginative, locally sourced food where meat is only used when completely necessary) I was excited to have their new pop up in walking distance.

I love the set up of The Man and the Myth. You can pop in for a glass of wine and a snack or you can have the whole menu as a tasting menu. The wines are sold by the glass and are only £4. The catch is that you don't know what wine it is- just a description. This is the most fabulous idea and forces you to try something new. Edd and I started with a glass of sparkling red wine each. It was lightly sparkling rather than fizzy, making it a very refreshing glass.

We also had some Peel and Stone bread to snack on while we waited for the food. It was excellent, of course.

To start, we had an oyster mushroom, cooked like a steak in beef dripping. What an incredible but simple idea.

Next up, roast onion with an onion puree. This was super after the beefy mushroom. A lovely couple of dishes to get the palate ready.

I was excited for the next course which was pollock, nasturtium and pickled turnip. I love the peppery, fresh taste of nasturtium leaves. When I was a child my Dad would always put them in salads, which I realise now was pretty unusual. Turning them into a sauce was a stroke of genius and worked perfectly with the fish. I love pickled vegetables and the turnip slices were beautiful. This was probably my favourite dish. Here's to more nasturtium dishes!

The only meat dish was rabbit, broccoli and sweetcorn.  Typically, the rabbit was not the star of the show- the charred broccoli and the sweetcorn sauce were.

Onto dessert! A simple dish of whipped yoghurt, honey from Kings Heath and stewed elderberry.I simple but satisfying dish. Very interesting to try local honey too. It worked perfectly with the elderberry.

The next dish split opinion. We could hear clearly what other diners were saying and some people found it interesting and others hated it!

It was The Man and the Myth's take on cheese and pineapple. Except the cheese was the most intense cheese called Oxford Isis. I was on the interesting camp. I would never have ordered this but I'm glad I was able to try it.

Finally, a dessert which shouldn't have worked, but did.

Yes, that is carrot, white chocolate and coffee. But why shouldn't it work? Carrot cake is a (delicious) thing. The white chocolate had been cooked slightly and felt indulgent.

Nomad at Kitchen Garden Cafe and Man and the Myth at Urban Coffee were both exciting, inventive, experimental and an absolute bargain. To have all the dishes on the menu was only £30 per head. For £20 extra you could have the wine too.

Nomad have just announced that they are re-opening permanently in the city centre at Bom Labs on Dudley Street on 13th November. Menus change regularly based on foraged and local ingredients available. I urge you to book now if you want food to excite and challenge you- how often can you say that?

Photos by Edd.

We were guests of Nomad but was in no way expected to review. I just wanted to because Edd's photos are great and because you should definitely eat at Nomad!


Kezzie said...

It sounds extraordinarily interesting!!! I am certainly intrigued!x

Natasha said...

This place sounds really interesting - I'm really into meat-free/vegan recipes and restaurants at the moment as I'm trying to reduce my meat and animal products intake and am always intrigued to find out new places to try - it all looks so yummy! - Tasha