Saturday, 31 October 2015

Event: Brumderland presents Wrath: Feel the Heat at Bodega

It was time for another evening with Brumderland and the Bitters and Twisted group! After having such fun at the previous event (Jekyll and Hyde) I was intrigued as to what I would find at Bodega.

Bodega has been in Birmingham for five years and is constantly busy. It was the first restaurant I was aware of serving a variety of Southern American food rather than just nachos and burritos. Lots of people I know had their first experience of sweet potato fries at Bodega and I tried Pisco for the first time there too.

So what could this evening tell me that I didn't already know?

Well, for a start we were downstairs in the Sugarloaf Bar, which is open to the public for cocktails and music at the weekend. I hadn't been down there before and I loved the colourful walls and distressed furniture. There was a great cosy atmosphere as I joined the other bloggers around the tables and was handed a fantastic Margarita.

Bodega wanted to showcase some of the dishes they are most proud of. I was pleased that they were all things I hadn't tried before.

Firstly, the Bodega twist on a side salad. Filled with tasty ingredients like mango and a raspberry vinaigrette, this definitely wasn't your usual bowl of sad lettuce. Really fresh and tasty.

The Brazilian Xim Xim is one of the most popular options at Bodega. I was glad to hear this as I thought everyone would just go for burritos! Xim Xim was originally an African dish, which was taken up by the Brazilians and so made its way onto Bodega's menu. A creamy dish of chicken, prawns and creamy peanut sauce it is served with Bodega's tasty 'dirty' rice and their amazing nachos. This one vanished pretty quickly!

I usually go for meat or fish tacos so trying Bodega's veggie ones was great. Filled with avocado, sweet potato, black beans, salsa and sour cream, they can be adapted by using lettuce leaves instead of tortillas too.

I realised that there are so many dishes I haven't tried at Bodega! I'm looking forward to going back to try something else. 

We also tried a few cocktails, made from tequila, rum or cachaca. I particularly enjoyed a caiprhinia, made with cachaca, which is made from sugarcane juice.  

The peach sangria went down very well with the food too.

There was still time for dessert! 

First up, a very rich, flourless chocolate cake called a Pastel de chocolate pegajoso. This translates as sticky chocolate cake, so you can image the texture.

The white chocolate and mojito cheesecake was creamy but with a hint of freshness.

It's always busy in Bodega so they're clearly keeping people happy! I like Bodega for a couple of interesting cocktails and picking some dishes to share with friends. The atmosphere is perfect for that.

Bodega, Bennetts Hill

This was a free event for Bodega to showcase their food and cocktails, in return for my honest opinion.
Photos by me

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