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Event: Birmingham Independent Food Fair 2015

Birmingham Independent Food Fair 2014

I like Birmingham Independent Food fair. It's a great chance to support local businesses and find new ones. I would never have discovered the marvellous Kneal's Chocolates without it, for example.

This year's was a little different, with an outside area only for ticket holders, a demonstration tent and more street food. Last year we were disappointed that many stalls ran out of food. Our tickets last year included a sample from each stall but the samples weren't necessarily very good. This year, the ticket did not include samples however most stalls were handing them out! It's always nice to get more than you expected.


Edd started off with Dim Sum from Chung Ying Central. This was impossibly cheap at about £3. I prefer the delicate steamed dim sum rather than the fried but still...these were tasty and satisfying. I do love Chung Ying!

We headed up to find the Bitters 'n' Twisted bar area. I loved the way they'd used props to make their mark.

I picked a Tom Collins flavoured with violet syrup. I had to pick up an awesome Jekyll and Hyde moustache straw!

Edd chose a Gin Punch. I blogged about the Jekyll and Hyde gin parlour recently if you're interested in hearing more.

I was having a bit of a food panic by now. There was so much to choose from! In the end, I went to Kurbside Kitchen in the outside area. I had 'chicken in a cup' mainly because of the name. Basically fried chicken bits with mango and pineapple salsa. It wasn't the classiest of food but hey, I was pretty hungover. Sometimes you need some fried chicken in a cup.

Hogans cider in hand, we headed to the tent to watch a demonstration from one of the lecturers at UCB, which is renowned for training chefs.

It was great to see Vicky of Brumderland hosting and doing her thing also!

I picked up a couple of goodies too- a maple bacon cupcake and some delicious Baklava.


We headed back for the second day as there were many more food options to try! Edd was really keen to try Tama Crepes- Japanese style crepes with sweet or savoury fillings.

He went for a teriyaki chicken filling. This was the most beautiful crepe I have ever seen. Not words I ever expected to write.

Edd also managed to power through a mac 'n' cheese from Nibbles Corner too. Loving the slogan!

I had a tortilla from Amantia which I thoroughly enjoyed. Read my review of Amantia.

There was also a gorgeous arancini from Moorish.

We finished off the day back in the tent to watch a demonstration from Richard Turner (of Turners).

I loved the Bake Off inspired tent.

Here's some bits and bobs we picked up.

Coffee from Quarter Horse Coffee. They roast their own beans and I love that they are smooth rather than bitter.

We picked up loads of Kneals Chocolates as we do whenever we see them. They're going to start thinking we're stalking them. The chocolates at the back were for my friend's birthday and the rest were shared by Edd and myself. The sea salt caramels are divine. You bite through the crisp chocolate shell to find oodles of buttery caramel sauce. The tiramisu bar is a favourite of ours too, with a soft truffle centre. If you ever see Kneals at a food fair, definitely give them a try.

Edd and I also bought a cake each from Bake. Bake specialise in big, gooey, decadent concoctions. I chose a salted caramel cookie sandwich and Edd had a Key Lime blondie. I took mine to work and had to eat it over a couple of days it was so big!

We had a lovely time at the Food Fair and will be back next year. A great event to celebrate Birmingham's independent food scene.

Photos by Edd and myself.

Edd won the tickets on twitter but we paid for everything else ourself.

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Kezzie said...

Now that looks a GREAT experience! That chicken in a cup sounds great- I'd choose that too!!!
The choccie sounds super too!
We're popping into Birmingham next week on our way up north to have a quick look at the John Lewis (CBC's sister was one of the engineers who worked on it so apparently we are going to look at it!) - can you recommend somewhere tasty and cheap for lunch that might be good for a pescetarian please!?x