Saturday, 19 September 2015

Review: New menu at The Victoria

The Victoria is a beautiful old pub on John Bright St. A classic pub building with quirky decoration, cocktails, beers and ciders, music, a buzzing atmosphere and a rather excellent food menu.

The focus is on burgers and pizza. I've eaten there several times over the last year and have been impressed by the quality. I was invited along to try out the revamped menu.

The chef has updated the best bits and added some new dishes, including salads and sides.

First up we sampled sweet potato fries and two lots of fashionable topped fries. In the pictures you can see Swine Fries, topped with pickled red cabbage, pulled pork and jalapeƱos. This was very popular on the table but I preferred the second option, covered with Marinara sauce, cheese and onions. The sweet potatoes were crisp and tasty but you'd expect nothing less these days.

Onto the burgers. First up the Corporate Sellout- a classic beef burger with onions and pickles. The beef patties at The Victoria are glorious, peppery beasts and I'm pleased to find their recipe doesn't seem to have changed. This was a great simple platform to show that off.

I definitely still like some cheese and bacon on my burger though.

Next up, a vegetarian option, the Falafel Stack. Three delicious falafel patties piled up with lettuce and raddicchio and raita.

Next up was the Bayou burger. Now, this was on the old menu and I never fancied having it. Now I wonder why! A southern fried chicken fillet smothered in sharp, hot Buffalo sauce. I really liked this one, it was my favourite of the three burgers.

I should say at this point that I wasn't eating a whole portion of every dish. A few of each dish were brought out for all the bloggers to share.
Nevertheless I was pretty stuffed by the end.

Next up was pizza! The pizzas at The Victoria have thin, crispy bases and interesting toppings. There are a few new ones on the menu and some from the old menu.

We tried the vegetarian Ciao Bella pizza first. Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, mozzarella,  olive tapenade on a honey and tomato base.

Auntie Polly was basically a fancy meat feast pizza. Salami, chorizo and parma ham were elevated by the addition of tiny pink stem radish.

Finally, my favourite, Surf Shack. The pineapple had been soaked in Sailor Jerry which made it basically the best ever pineapple. Alongside parma ham and mozzarella, this was a Hawaiian with a twist.

We all thought that the food was over at this point but no, there was more! Firstly, crayfish popcorn. This is from the sides menu like the loaded fries. You can get three of the small sides for £10 which is a bargain. The crayfish popcorn was battered crayfish served with wasabi mayo. This was extremely rich and I had trouble eating it after all the burgers and pizza! I'll have to try it again when I'm not full and see if it is still as rich.

I was pleased to see a salad appear next. The cous cous salad contains bulgar wheat, peppers and pomegranate. Refreshing as it was, it did feel like something I could just make myself at home.

Finally, my favourite dish of the night. Chicken wings. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for a good wing. These were fabulous- huge, tasty, crispy skin, fantastically unhealthy. You can choose from three sauces- blue cheese, bbq or secret hot sauce. I will definitely be having these wings again. I wish we'd had them nearer the start of the evening when I wasn't so full so I could appreciate them properly.

To round off the evening we were given a sample of their Victorian Lemonade cocktail. This contains absinthe which gives it a kick!

While we were eating, Edd and I also tried a couple of ciders. The Victoria have just had a cider festival so they had a few bottles left over in the fridge. I haven't seen either of these ciders before so it was interesting to try. I had the Maeloc which was dry and quite intense. 

I was impressed by the updated menu at The Victoria. I've always liked the food there but now it is even better. The Bayou burger, Surf Shack pizza and the chicken wings were my highlights. That pineapple has to be tried to be believed.

The Victoria- John Bright Street, Birmingham

Photos by myself and Edd.

We were invited to The Victoria along with other bloggers to try the new menu, in return for my honest opinion.


Kezzie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, it all looks SO good! Those wings truly look amazing- I am a total sucker for wings too- one of the reasons I haven't turned fully veggie!! Phwoar!x

Selina (Flying Saucer) said...

Oooh I went there a few months ago and wasn't sure there was much thought behind the menu - I only usually go there for drinks! - so it's so tempting to read the menu has had a revamp with such quirky dishes! Will be checking it out again soon, especially if nearby Turtle Bay is ever too full (as it always is!) x

Jasmin Charlotte said...

Looks delicious! I do love the sound of that chicken burger for sure. Glad they have some good additions! x

Jasmin Charlotte