Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Event: Cocktail Masterclass at The Botanist

Myself and a group of bloggers had a rather fun evening at The Botanist a couple of weeks ago. 

We went along to sample their Cocktail Masterclass led by Jacob. For the crazily low price of £30 per person, you get a cocktail on arrival, samples of each cocktail you make, the chance to make said cocktails and then drink them. So four cocktails and a great deal of fun for £30. 

The first cocktail we made was the English Mojito. Made with gin instead of rum, this is refreshing and introduced us to pouring, mixing, adding garnishes and trying not to get ice everywhere.

Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 and her friend were up first.

Then Alev of Bella and Robot and Ahmed of DineBirmingham.

And finally me and Edd!

We were guided through the process by Jacob. I thought I'd be pretty awesome as I make plenty of cocktails at home and I've done various catering jobs. 

But look at Edd up there- this is harder than it looks!

We even learnt how to make the drinks look pretty and professional and how to serve them too.

Our finished product was then judged by Jacob. Edd won this round as his had so much gin!

Next up- a Rose Mai Tai, made with rum and rose liqueur. I love anything rose scented and this was very fragrant. 

Look at that pouring action! Three at once!

I was quite happy with my attempt here- it had that glorious rosy colour. Oh and I won this round!

Finally, a Cherry Blossom. This was the first cocktail I'd ever tried at The Botanist and it's one of my favourites on the menu. A gin based drink with elderflower, rosemary and cherry, there's also enough lime to stop it being too sweet.

This one involved some straining which was surprisingly time consuming and annoying!

Some tasting of course.

And pouring with three bottles at the same time! A photo of me doing this exists but I look terrified.

I won this one too because apparently Edd had shook his too much.

We finally had a sample of The Botanist's signature cocktail, made with vodka, rum, elderflower liqueur, red amaranth (that's the herbs you can see) mint, jasmine syrup and lime juice.

I'll be honest, I've had this one before and have been underwhelmed. It had tasted a little insipid to me. I don't know what was done differently this time (surely nothing?) but suddenly I understood why people liked it so much.

I had an absolutely splendid evening and it was a lovely way to end my summer holidays. I laughed a lot and learnt a fair few things too. These cocktail masterclasses are well worth the money and I would highly recommend for birthdays, hen dos, stag dos or any other kind of do.

More details here http://thebotanist.uk.com/masterclass/birmingham 

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Photos by myself, Edd and Emma from The Botanist.

I attended the complimentary masterclass in return for my honest opinion.


Kezzie said...

It does sound enormously fun! You look like you enjoyed it!

MissPond said...

This masterclass looks like great fun! And that Cherry Blossom, you had me at gin and elderflower.... I've still not visited The Botanist in Manchester yet but I think I may have to now :)
MissPond | Manchester Based Lifestyle Blog

char said...

Oh wow, I loved the Botanist when I was last in Brum. This sounds like so much fun (although cocktail classes I guess aren't aimed at someone like me, who doesn't drink alcolhoL).