Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August in Food

Not a lot for Month in Food for August as I have blogged about most of it or will be soon! Basically I wasn't in for dinner a lot.


As I get older more and more people I know are getting married. As a food blogger I'm always looking at what food options are available! I'm liking the warm buffet option that seems to be occurring- I've had bacon and sausage bap, hog roast and- my personal favourite-  fish and chips in a cone. 
mini fish and chips

At the same wedding there was a cake making competition going on. I loved this literal sandwich cake.

 Eating in

I did cook at home sometimes I swear. I had a pretty giant warm salad with homemade flatbreads.

I also cooked duck with lentils, spinach and caramalised apple from a Hello Fresh box.

hello fresh


After an opening launch, a few of us were still hungry and so we ended up at Wagamama as it was the only place open!

I really enjoyed my lollipop prawns and chicken and prawn donburi. I haven't been to Wagamama for ages and it didn't disappoint. Also great to see them open a little later than most places.

wagamama lollipop prawns



Kezzie said...

Allooks very tasty!! I like the look of your Wagamama. I.never have starters or the rice option so I'm intrigued!
I went to a wedding recently where they had an evening barbecue with burgers that were actually proper slices of meat in buns. I had delicious lamb AND they had an ice-cream ttaditional trolley!

Lucy Loves To Eat said...

Ooooh I love a good evening spread at wedding! I love it when they have fish and chips in a cone too! Hope you have an even yummier sept! x