Friday, 21 August 2015

Review: Hamburgers by Andersons

God I love twitter! Not only is it my favourite way of finding out what's going on with my favourite brands and a great place to have conversations with like-minded folks, it's also brilliant for competitions. This is the third competition I've won via twitter now.

So what did I win? Two burgers at Anderson's in the Jewellery Quarter. Two burgers may not sound like much, but then you haven't tried these. Anderson's has been known for top quality steaks for some time and have recently branched out into burgers. Only available at lunchtimes Monday-Friday and on Deliveroo at the moment but fingers crossed they will be more frequently available soon.

Because they are amazing. I had one at the recent Foodies Festival and I was so excited to get to the restaurant and try them again. 

Hamburgers by Anderson's

Edd and I both went for the Lock Stock- a beef burger with red cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, smokey mayo, lettuce, tomato, chipotle ketchup on the pre-requisite brioche bun, along with a side of fries to share.

Hamburgers by Anderson's

Sitting down eating it in the restaurant was even better than at the Foodies Festival. The patty itself was perfectly cooked with a great texture and the various toppings combined to make an oozy delicious mess. The salad items added crisp, fresh contrast rather than being lost and the smokey mayo worked perfectly. The bun was good even if I have got a little grumbly about brioche. 

Anderson's Birmingham

The fries were also super. If you fancy trying one of Anderson's delicious burgers, check them out either at the restaurant or on Monday-Friday 12-3pm.

Anderson's Birmingham

Photos by Edd

The two burgers were won in a twitter competition, we paid for drinks and sides ourselves.

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Kezzie said...

Yay, that was lucky! I'm not keen on Brioche buns either!!x