Monday, 17 August 2015

Review: En Place at Six Eight Kafe

After being impressed by En Place's first pop up at 6/8, I was really keen to attend another. I was busy for the June and July pop ups so I was really excited to see what had changed and improved for August.

Well. I enjoyed the first one but I cannot believe the step up in technique and quality between the first and fourth. Chatting to chefs Mike and Josh at the end, they said they'd had to keep it simple for the first one as they weren't used to the kitchen. Tasha, Edd and I were given the chance to pop our heads into the tiny kitchen too. They had two ceramic hobs and an oven as well as a fridge and freezer. Bear that in mind as you read through the review. 

Edd and I paid £35 each for four courses as well as various extras.

Snack: A take on ravioli. This was set tomato water, beef tartar topped with caviar. A beautiful little morsel and tasty start to the meal.

Snack: Cheese on toast ice cream with tomato and strawberry sauce. This was so much fun! It really tasted like cheese on toast and the sauce gave a hint of baked beans too. The ice cream was made from actual cheese on toast but isn't something you could just whip up at home.

We then had a palate cleanser of elderflower, apple, mint and lime. This was gorgeously fresh though I did suggest that it needed some gin...

Starter: Pea veloute, wasabi peas, home-made goats curd, rapeseed oil, mint and elderflower. The pea veloute, with its hints of elderflower and mint was fresh, the wasabi added the correct amount of heat and the goats curd cooled it back down again.

Fish:  Mackerel ceviche bound with smoked vodka, served with pickled cucumber and lemon sherbet dressing. The vodka cured the mackerel meaning it wasn't raw. This was an excellently seasoned dish, tasty, light and with interesting touches such as the sherbet dressing.

We then were treated to a little lead into the main course- crunch pork crackling with herb and mayo sauce. Last time we were given crispy chicken skin so I love that crispy skin is their 'thing'. It was a great way of using ingredients which otherwise would have been wasted.

Main course: Belly pork with lentil dahl, textures of carrot (puree, roasted and pickled) piccalilli and apple puree. The pork was so tender, achieved by cooking the meat very slowly. I loved the pickled carrots and wished there had been more on the plate. The lentils were really satisfying with a little kick to them. This was something a bit different to rice or potatoes.

Dessert: Banana parfait, nutella powder, brioche crisp and cherry gel. This will sound ridiculous but the banana taste was so strong! I liked the cherry and wished there had been more to contrast the rich nutella powder.

Treats: Vanilla and strawberry marshmallow, coconut marshmallow and parkin with salted caramel mousse. The stand out on this plate was the salted caramel mousse- could I have a whole bowl please?

An amazing evening and at only £35 a head, a bargain too. What I like is that the chefs Mike and Josh come and chat to you and are happy to share their methods. They make it sound incredibly simple and easy but it shows their skill that it is, in fact, not. In the small amount of time between May and this pop up they have completely surpassed themselves and I am excited to see what they do next.

They aren't sure when the next pop up will be but they suggested that it may be at Two Cats in the Jewellery Quarter. As soon as I hear I will post about it- everyone needs to try En Place out.

Photos by Edd

I paid for my meal in full

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That really does sound an imaginative and well-made menu!x