Monday, 3 August 2015

New opening: Nosh and Quaff

The food enthusiasts of Birmingham have waited months for Nosh and Quaff and it is now finally open! They've done a great job of building interest in the place, with a sneak preview at the CBD Food Festival, girls dressed as sparkly lobsters and various launch parties. I was delighted to be invited to one of these parties last week, along with semi-professsional plus one and prize winning photographer Edd. (Well he put a photo into a twitter competition and won Birmingham Independent Food Fair tickets!)

You never know what you're going to get at opening dos, so being handed a glass of fizz, a menu and drinks tokens was a great start.

As well as hearty, tasty, casual food, Nosh and Quaff are pushing their beer menu. On Wednesday there were a couple of empty taps left so I'm hoping to see some quirky, independent breweries on there. Edd and I started with beer. We both loved the Floozy, a light, quaffable beer which neither of us had heard of before. A great nod to the nearby Floozy in the Jacuzzi.

I didn't get to try the cocktails but there was a great looking selection- not just the classics, some new ideas too. I look forward to trying them in the future.

So, onto the food. The menu is simple and unfussy. You aren't going to Nosh and Quaff for a three course meal. You pick your main, you might get some sides to share . You might even share your mains as I saw others doing.

Edd and I were sat at a big table in a marble-walled side room. It sat eight so would be amazing to book out for a birthday or similar. We were sat with Ting of The Ting Thing and her husband plus some other people who I hadn't met before so it was nice to chat. It turned out that one of them was Twitter superstar Stephen of @SKCwitter so it was good to put a face to a name.

Edd picked beef ribs and I went for lobster. I haven't had a whole lobster before so I was intrigued. We also shared a blooming onion. There are a variety of sides that I've got my eye on for the future, such as Mac and Cheese, corn on the cob and sweet potato wedges. Your main comes with salad or slaw and chips so you probably only need one side between two unless you are particularly hungry.

Above you can see Edd's beef ribs. I tried a bit and they had a beautiful sweet taste. They are slow cooked in a molasses and hickory smoke glaze. He felt the portion size was good too.

I went for the lobster, which are kept fresh on site. I managed to get the flesh out of the claw whole which was very exciting and I wish I'd got a photo! The lobster is split and served with a lemon and garlic sauce which

I liked the crunchy topping of the mac and cheese. Thanks to Stephen for letting us try it!

The blooming onion was huge and came with a fun 'burger sauce' dip.

We also tried the pork ribs from someone else on the table. I enjoyed everything I tried on the evening but the pork ribs definitely won. And I only had a tiny mouthful. The pepper mustard rub is beautiful- I'm definitely going for these next time. It is a giant serving- you will be full, so definitely share the love with your fellow diners.

So I will definitely be back and ordering ribs- I've also got my eye on chicken wings and the burger as well as all of the sides. Look out for a full review of how they are doing soon.

Edd and I decided to share a dessert. We went for the de-constructed Rocky Road- brownie bites, marshmallows, nut brittle and gorgeous chocolate sauce. This was delightfully gooey and indulgent. Definitely one to share. Also available are a fun sharer sundae and a de-constructed cheesecake which comes in different flavours everyday.

Afterwards, we popped upstairs to check out their bar area. A bit of a change in atmosphere here. Downstairs is all marble and sophistication, upstairs is metal and chains. It had a cool loft bar feel to it. I could definitely see myself chilling out here with a cocktail or two after indulging on ribs downstairs!

Oh, you should have a look at the loos too.

Check out my lobster utensils and stylish bib! I'm looking forward to revisiting Nosh and Quaff now it is officially open to the public. Look out for a full review soon!

Nosh and Quaff is now open in Victoria Square. Check out their very 90's style website

I was invited to the Nosh and Quaff launch and was treated to a free meal and a couple of free drinks- We paid for extra drinks ourselves. I was not required to blog about it- I just wanted to!

Photos by Edd

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Dee said...

Good write up and great photos. Looks like a great place to visit. I'm keen to try that onion and the rocky road dessert 😉